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Minutes - 2003

Annual Director and Officers' Meeting
December 10, 2003

The annual Director and Officer Meeting was held on December 10, 2003 at the home of Ted and Jacquelyn Tenny. The meeting began at 7:00 PM. In attendance were Ted Tenny, Jacquelyn Tenny, Chuck Parsons, Kathy Robertson, Joe Michalides, Tim McAlpin, and Sankar Gopalasubramanian.

The purpose of the meeting was to plan the hiking calendar for the year 2004. Other items accomplished were the transition of the web master from Jeannie Van Lew to Ted Tenny. Ted will assume all functions and responsibilities for Arizona Trailblazers web site.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathy Robertson

Officers' Meeting, August 26, 2003

The August officers' meeting of the hiking club was held on August 26, 2003 at the Van Lew's house. In attendance were Chuck Parsons, Ted Tenny, Jeannie Van Lew, Tom Van Lew, Beth Baumert, and Anatoli Korkin.

Our President, Chuck Parsons, ran the meeting by discussing the topics outlined below.
  1. Jeannie wrote a check for publishing our incorporation in the newspaper, which is required.
  2. Anatoli recommended reading books such as "Non-profit for Dummies" and suggested charging per hike. The Sierra Club does not charge but accepts "voluntary contributions" (which most people are willing to give), since the national forests do not permit making a profit.
  3. Chuck gave Jeannie the finance agreement for the insurance as well as the official Articles of Incorporation documents. The latter will need to be changed for each officer change. This will need to occur right away because a new secretary is needed.
  4. Jeannie is looking into banks since TruWest will no longer accept our newly-independent organization.
  5. All reviewed the meeting minutes and action items from the last meeting. All items have been accomplished.
  6. In order to be incorporated, we will need to have a Board of Directors meeting at least once per year, we will need to file a report once per year to the commission, and we will need to file income taxes on the money left in the account (at least a $50 minimum is currently required to keep the account open).
  7. Responses were that members were agreeable to raising dues and charging for hikes to cover costs of liability insurance. It was decided to charge $20 for individual members and $30 per family.
  8. Anatoli suggested having hikes with themes or knowledgeable speakers or having ways to attract younger people.
  9. There was a suggestion to look into a post office box for a permanent address. People have requested an address for sending dues.
  10. Guidelines and policies were discussed. Directors' and officers' insurance is $1200, and since we cannot afford it, we can put a clause in the guidelines which should cover the officers if all members sign the clause. Chuck will add a third page for guidelines for hike leaders. Ted suggested adding the Sierra Club policy that the hike leader has the authority to screen hikers for their ability and to refuse to allow hikers who are not suited for the difficulty of the hike. Anatoli suggested internet sign-up forms.
Respectfully submitted,
Beth Baumert


May 2003

The May meeting of the Motorola Hiking Club was held on Tuesday, May 20th at the Top Shelf restaurant in Mesa. In attendance were: Chuck Parsons, Michael Humphreys, Sankar Gopalasubramanian, Clara Tenny, Ted Tenny, Tom and Jeannie Van Lew, Doug Tomren, Carrie Devieux, Joe Orman, Jenni Jacobs, Candi Cooke, and Kathy Robertson.

Chuck started the meeting at 6:25 PM.

New Business:

It is time to say Goodbye!

Due to the loss of many of our Motorola members and changes to the club's sponsorship, the club has decided to take a new direction and sever its ties with Motorola. As of today, The Motorola Hiking Club will now be known as Arizona Trailblazers. Our external website is azhikers.org.

We asked each of our members how they would feel leaving its affiliation with Motorola and we received much positive feedback supporting the decision. To be a sponsored club, we needed to maintain at minimum, a membership base of 25 Motorolans and we were unable to meet this number.

This is a new beginning for us and allows for some new adventures! We are taking ideas on revamping the clubs so if you have any suggestions, please send an email to any of the Officers. Some comments so far are: monthly meetings vs. bi-monthly, our memberships and Officer positions will start January to January instead of July, end of the year celebrations, door prizes, and changing our meeting place to a new site. We also discussed transitioning the name of the website to be AZTrailblazers.org in the future.

Some benefits on going public:
  • The club is opened to everyone
  • Anyone can become an Officer which is a great way to be involved and met lots of people.
  • Many more avenues of advertising , check out an article in the May 7th issue of the Phoenix New Times
Treasury Report:
  • Checking - $622.97
  • Savings: $352.81
Old Business:

It is time for Officer nominations. All positions are opened for nominations; these are President, Vice President, Treasury, Secretary, and Webmaster. Chuck was nominated as President for a second year, Ted Tenny was nominated as Vice President, Sankar Gopalasubramanian became the new Librarian, and Chuck nominated Beth Beaumert as Secretary or Treasurer.

Previous hikes:
  • Organ Pipe National Monument car camp
  • Bear Canyon/Seven Falls
  • Revis Falls
  • Goldfield Mountains Peak hike
  • Horton Springs
  • Indian Gardens — Postponed until October when the weather is cooler.
  • Chiricauhau Car Camp
  • Fossil Springs
Upcoming hikes
  • Boynton Canyon , May 31st. — This will be the FIRST hike we take as the Arizona Trailblazers. Ironically, it so happens that this is also the first hike for the Motorola Hiking Club in 1996. It will be an historical event plus it's a great hike so hope you can make it.
  • Mt. Graham Car Camp, June 6-8th 
  • Kachina/Wetherford Trail Loop. 
REMINDER of DUES : Annual fees will now be due at the end of the year and run January to January.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

The next meeting will be held at 6:00 PM at the Top Shelf Restaurant on Tuesday, July 21, 2003. While the Club transitions from Motorola, please check the websites for any updates. If you have some great ideas for the club, email the Officers! We would love to hear what you have to say.


March 2003

The March meeting of the Motorola Hiking Club was held on Tuesday, March 18th at the Top Shelf restaurant in Mesa. In attendance were: Pat Schultz, Mike Wargel, Beth Baumert, Candi Cooke, Michael Humphreys, Rudy Arrendondo, Joyce Parrish, Sharon Strong, Kim Hackbarth, Chuck Parson, and Kathy Robertson

Chuck started the meeting at 6:30 PM.

Old Business:

Previous hikes:
  • Squaw Peak
  • Seven Springs-Cave Creek
  • Quartz Peak
  • Goldfield Mountain
  • Ballantine Trail
New Business :

We have several long sleeve white t-shirts featuring our logo for a very good price. If you are interested, please contact Chuck Parsons.

Upcoming hikes
  • Organ Pipe National Monument car camp
  • Bear Canyon/Seven Falls
  • Revis Falls
  • Goldfield Mountains Peak hike
  • Horton Springs
  • Indian Gardens
  • Chiricauhaus Car Camp
  • Fossil Springs
The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM.

The guest speaker was our own President, Chuck Parsons, who presented his "Best of 2000" slide show which I recommend to anyone. Chuck took some wonderful photographs capturing landscapes, wildflowers, and sunsets from last year hikes. Featured pictures were of Faraway Ranch rock, Mt. Lemmon, the Grand Canyon, and Secret Canyon, Sedona. 

Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at the Top Shelf Restaurant. It is time again for Officer nominations. If you are interested in becoming an Officer, please be sure to attend. It's a great way of getting involved with the Club.
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