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Minutes - 2018

January 2018

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Meeting Minutes
January 16, 2018, 7:00 PM
Old Chicago, 1656 S. Alma School, Mesa
  1. Reports
    Outgoing President [Michael Humphrey]
    We had a good year in 2017, with 96 events and over 100 hikes.
    President [Tamar Gottfried]
    •  Meet at Red Mountain Park at 7:00 AM, or at Ramada C-1 at 7:45 AM.
    Hikes will be to the Wind Cave, or on up to Peak 3127.
    We need desserts for Saturday’s potluck.
    Glass containers are not allowed in Usery Mountain Park, but wine is.
    The club packs are being re-stocked at this meeting.
    Use walkie talkies on a hike, especially when parties get separated.
    Consider getting a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) for yourself.
    If you have any medical conditions, tell the hike leader or me.
    Treasurer [Monika Hahues]
    As of January 16, the club has 152 paid members and a bank balance of $5812.45.
    Webmaster [Ted Tenny]
    The AZHC email list is now limited to paid members. Anyone can read the Events page at any time. Paid members will receive advance notice of camping trips which are not yet on the calendar.
    Statistician [Jim Buyens]
    Deputy leaders, appointed by the hike leader, now get 1/2 credit for leading the hike. Deputies are appointed in emergency situations, when there are options, and on key-exchange hikes.
  2. Previous Hikes   
    Nov. 25 Apache Wash Loop PhoenixGabe McConnell
    Nov. 25 Elephant Mountain Spur CrossMichelle Jelsma
    Dec. 2 Robbers Roost SuperstitionsMichael Humphrey
    Dec. 2 Black Mesa Loop SuperstitionsDave French
    Dec. 9 Go John-Quartz Cave CreekGabe McConnell
    Dec. 9 Flatiron SuperstitionsDebbie Rowray
    Dec. 16 Haunted Canyon SuperiorTamar Gottfried
    Dec. 16 Christiansen Trail North MountainJim Buyens
    Dec. 23 Tom's Thumb ScottsdaleTamar Gottfried
    Dec. 23 Perl Charles Trail Dreamy DrawJim Buyens
    Dec. 30 Windgate Pass ScottsdaleMonika Hahues
    Dec. 31 Marcus Landslide ScottsdaleJim Buyens
    Jan. 6 Maricopa Trail Cave CreekCave Creek
    Jan. 13 White Tank Mountain WTMPChuck Parsons
    Jan. 13 Sunrise-McKinsey McDowellsMonika Hahues
    Jan. 13 Pinto Creek Bridge MiamiScott Green
  3. Upcoming Hikes   
    Jan. 20 AZHC Awards Potluck Usery Mtn. ParkTamar Gottfried
    Jan. 27Skyline Regional Park BuckeyeYanis Braukis
    Feb. 3Alta-Bajada Loop South MountainDave French
    Feb. 10Wind Cave SuperstitionsMichael Humphrey
    Feb. 17Cat Peaks GoldfieldsTed Tenny
    Feb. 24Goat Canyon White TanksChuck Parsons
    Mar. 3 Parker Pass Plus SuperstitionsTed Tenny
    Mar. 10 Ridgeline SuperstitionsMichael Humphrey
    Mar. 10 Badger Brawl PhoenixGabe McConnell
    Mar. 17 Spur Cross Cave CreekGabe McConnell
    Mar. 17 Picacho Peak TucsonDebbie Rowray
  4. Guest Speaker: Ted Tenny
    subject: Great Hikes in the Superstitions
        Ted presented slides from three Trailblazer hikes: Coffee Flat Mountain, Hackberry Spring to Canyon Lake, and Geronimo Cave. He didn’t find the Lost Dutchman Mine, but took colorful pictures of the volcanic mountain scenery.
  5. Next Meeting
    Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 7:00 PM, Old Chicago.

Executive Committee, January 4, 2018

attendees: Tamar Gottfried, Andy Zaharchuk, Michael Humphrey, Bill Zimmermann, Jim Buyens, Ted Tenny
  1. Including appointed officers on the Executive Committee
    Jim Buyens, Statistician, was chosen.
  2. Awards Potluck & Hike, January 20
    •  Who gets what?
    Award categories include miles hiked with the club, hikes led, and trips driven.
    AI [Jim] → Print the award certificates.
    AI [Monika] → Buy gift cards to be handed out for hikers and leaders.
    AI [Andy] → Buy gift cards to be handed out for carpool drivers.
    AI [Tamar] → Buy enough disposable plates, cups, bowls, silverware, etc.
    •  Should we have Hike Leader Training then?  no
    AI [Michael, Tamar] → Prepare a pep talk for new hike leaders.
  3. Speakers for March 20, May 15, July 17, September 18, November 20
    We have a speaker for January, and possibly March.
    AI [Tamar] → Contact other potential speakers
    AI [Tamar] → Prepare a talk on the upcoming seminar.
    AI [Andy] → Prepare a talk on Devil’s Canyon near Superior.
  4. Should Ted limit the email list to paid members?  yes
    AI [Monika] → Send Ted the latest list of paid members.
    AI [Ted] → Rebuild the email list with paid members only.
    AI [Ted] → Re-send announcements of upcoming camping trips to paid members.
  5. Should deputies get credit for leading?
    Deputies are appointed by the hike leader in emergency situations, when there are options, and on key-exchange hikes.
    They will get 1/2 credit, because they led hikers but didn’t plan or organize the hike.
  6. Insurance
    It is our largest annual expense, but the officers aren’t sure what’s covered.
    AI [Monika] → Invite our insurance agent to a future Executive Committee meeting.
  7. New Hike Leaders
    AI [all] → Encourage potential leaders to become hike leaders.
  8. First Aid training.
    We had several emergencies last year, and should have all hike leaders trained.
    AI [all] → Think of the best way to accomplish this.
  9. Assessing and stocking club packs.
    Bring them to the January 20 meeting for re-stocking.
    AI [Ted] → Send an announcement to recent hike leaders.
  10. Swag with the club logo.
    AI [Ted] → Send Tamar the information on what we have now.
  11. Future Executive Committee Meetings
    AI [Tamar] → Look for a suitable location.

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