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Minutes - 2019

January 2019

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Meeting Minutes
January 15, 2019, 7:00 PM
Mimi’s, 1250 S. Alma School, Mesa
  1. Reports
    President [Tamar Gottfried]
    •  Don’t miss the Awards hike, Potluck, and Gear Exchange! Be at Papago Park Ramada 2 at 8:00 AM.
    Other topics are from the Executive Committee, January 7.
    Treasurer [Monika Hahues]
    As of January 15, the club has 158 paid members and a bank balance of $7,136.91.
    Webmaster [Ted Tenny]
    We have over 60 Trip Report authors. Thanks to all of them!
    Statistician [Jim Buyens]
    Jim’s report will be given at the Awards ceremony on January 19.
  2. Previous Hikes   
    Nov. 23 Picketpost Perimeter SuperiorTamar Gottfried
    Nov. 24 Idaho Pass GoldfieldsTed Tenny
    Dec. 1 Saddle Mountain MazatzalsMichael Humphrey
    Dec. 1 Pass Mountain Trail GoldfieldsMonika Hahues
    Dec. 8 Coyote Canyon Trail ScottsdaleQuy Nguyen
    Dec. 8 La Barge Canyon SuperstitionsTamar Gottfried
    Dec. 15 Dome Mountain GoldfieldsDebbie Rowray
    Dec. 15 Hawknest Trail ScottsdaleQuy Nguyen
    Dec. 22 Windgate Pass ScottsdaleTom Simonick
    Dec. 22 Butcher Jones Trail Saguaro LakeQuy Nguyen
    Dec. 29 Hackamore to Dome GoldfieldsTed Tenny
    Dec. 31 Thunderbird PhoenixMichael Humphrey
    Jan. 5 Picketpost Perimeter SuperiorDebbie Rowray
    Jan. 5 Badger Brawl PhoenixGabe McConnell
    Jan. 12 Adero Canyon Fountain HillsMonika Hahues
    Jan. 12 Pemberton Trail McDowellsQuy Nguyen
  3. Upcoming Hikes   
    Jan. 19 AZHC Awards Potluck Papago ParkTamar Gottfried
    Jan. 26Lost Goldmine Trail SuperstitionsTed Tenny
    Jan. 27Bike-Hike South MountainYanis Braukis
    Feb. 2<< open >>
    Feb. 9 Lake Pleasant PhoenixGabe McConnell
    Feb. 16Chimney Mountain SedonaMark Purcell
    Feb. 17 Picketpost Mountain SuperiorDebbie Rowray
    Feb. 23Flatiron SuperstitionsTom Simonick
    Mar. 2<< open >>
    Mar. 9<< open >>
    Mar. 16 Sunflower Foothills MazatzalsTed Tenny
    Mar. 17-19 Charlebois Backpack SuperstitionsMichael Humphrey
  4. Guest Speaker: Kelly Nalder
    subject: Backpacking the Appalachian Trail
        Kelly backpacked the Appalachian Trail from March 26 to October 10, 2018. She wore out six pairs of hiking boots and almost stepped on a copperhead. Two hiking companions were with her much of the way. The trail goes through 14 states, from Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine. Unlike the Arizona Trail, you go up to every summit along the way.
  5. Next Meeting
    Tuesday, March 19, 2019, 7:00 PM, location TBD.

Executive Committee, January 7, 2019

attendees: Tamar Gottfried, Andy Zaharchuk, Monika Hahues, Ted Tenny
  1. AHTC
    AHTC has disbanded, and Andy received the membership list.
    AI [Andy] → Send the list to Ted.
    AI [Ted] → Send out the email announcement to AHTC members.
  2. Club meeting location
    We’re going to try Mimi’s this month, then decide.
  3. Awards Hike & Potluck, January 19
    Award categories include miles hiked with the club, hikes led, and trips driven.
    AI [Jim] → Print the award certificates.
    AI [Monika] → Buy gift cards to be handed out for hikers, leaders, carpool drivers.
    AI [Andy] → Buy price tags for the gear exchange, plates and cups.
    AI [Tamar] → Buy plasticware and get a beer permit.
  4. Speakers for July 16, September 17, November 19
    We have guest speakers for January, March, and May.
    AI [Tamar] → Contact other potential speakers
  5. Whether to make the Statistician part of the Executive Committee this year.
  6. Promotional handout items
  7. Recognizing Accomplishments (Jim, Diva, Ralph, Ted)
    AI [Ted] → Send Jim an email about what goes on each certificate.
    AI [Jim] → Print certificates to be handed out at the Awards ceremony.
  8. Ted’s vacation, July 11-18
    Ted will miss the July 16 club meeting.
    AI [Andy] → Prepare to take over as secretary.
    AI [all] → Find someone to take over the video if need be.

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