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Minutes - 2020

September 2020

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2020, 7:00 PM
  1. Welcome, Introductions
  2. Reports
    President [Michelle Jelsma]
    •   We have a “no show” policy, given on the Events page.
    Hikes led are counted by calendar year. If a leader leads 5 or more hikes in a calendar year, the leader doesn’t have to pay dues the following year, regardless of when they are due.
    Elections (November 17 AZHC meeting)
    We have candidates for all four elected offices:
    President: Lin Chao, VP: Michael Humphrey, Treasurer: Tom Simonick,
    Secretary: Ted Tenny.
    Other topics are from the Executive Committee on September 1.
    Treasurer [Tom Simonick]
    •   130 paid members; $6408.94 bank balance
    One of the non-renewals was a family of four that hardly ever hikes with us.
    Main expenses: Insurance premium of $1,075.00 paid in August.
    Webmaster [Ted Tenny]
    •   We have 28 trip reports by 12 authors so far this year!
    Thanks to everyone who has written a trip report in 2020: Lin Chao, Kevin Crittenden, David French, Tamar Gottfried, Mary Greenwood, Michael Humphrey, Li Li, Carl Lunde, Quy Nguyen, Chuck Parsons, Mark Purcell, Tom Simonick, Ted Tenny.
    Statistician [Kevin Crittenden]
    •   The club has done 57 hikes so far this year.
    •   Top hiker: Li, followed by Tom, Kevin, and Michael.
    •   Top leader: Tamar, followed by Michael, and Lin.
  3. Previous Hikes
    Aug 1 Schultz Creek Loop FlagstaffQuy Nguyen
    Aug. 8Red, Slate Mountains FlagstaffMark Purcell
    Aug. 9Humphrey’s Peak FlagstaffTom Simonick
    Aug. 15Abineau-Bear Jaw FlagstaffTamar Gottfried
    Aug. 22Soldiers Trail FlagstaffTed Tenny
    Aug. 29Kachina Trail FlagstaffLi Li
    Sept. 5O'Leary Peak FlagstaffLi Li
    Sept. 6Weatherford Trail FlagstaffTom Simonick
    Sept. 4-7Fall Color Weekend White MountainsLin Chao
    Sept. 12Mezcal on Mingus JeromeMark Purcell
  4. Upcoming Hikes
    Sept. 19 Meadow-Sinkhole Loop Mogollon RimTed Tenny
    Sept. 26<<open>>   
    Oct. 3Aspen Loop Trail FlagstaffLin Chao
    Oct. 4Inner Basin FlagstaffLin Chao
    Oct. 10AZT passage 28 Happy JackDavid French
    Oct. 17<<open>>   
    Oct. 24<<open>>   
    Oct. 25West Fork SedonaLin Chao
    Oct. 31Wave Cave SuperstitionsMichael Humphrey
    Nov, 7<<open>>   
    Nov. 14<<open>>   
  5. Guest Speaker: Matt Woodson, Okanogan Trail Construction
    Subject: Trail design elements of the Sonoran Desert
        Matt relies on Google Earth elsewhere, but he doesn’t have to in Arizona, because you can see the ground. Many trails date from the 1900s, when people walked from place to place the easiest way. OTC’s trails synchronize with the environment as much as possible, requiring minimal maintenance and sparing customers time and money on reconstruction and repair.
        100 railroad ties were removed from Echo Canyon.
        Switchbacks are staggered, so people won’t be tempted to shortcut them.
        There isn’t a excessively steep section on an OTC trail.
  6. Next Meeting
    Tuesday, November 17, 2020, 7:00 PM.  Elections.

Executive Committee, September 1, 2020

attendees: Michelle Jelsma, Tom Simonick, Kevin Chittenden, Ted Tenny
  1. Finding a guest speaker for the AZHC Zoom meeting on September 15.
    Matt Woodson hasn’t responded to Michelle. If he doesn’t by September 8, Ted Tenny will be the speaker.
  2. No Show Policy [Mark Purcell].
    Hike leaders representing the Club should carry out the Club’s policies.
    AI [Michelle] → Modify the words on the Events page.
    AI [Michelle] → Draft an email to hike leaders and club members.
    AI [Michelle] → Draft a response to Mark.
  3. Counting hikes led by calendar year.
    Hikes led are counted by calendar year. If a leader leads 5 or more hikes in a calendar year, the leader doesn’t have to pay dues, regardless of when they are due.
  4. November elections.
    We need candidates for President and Vice President.
    AI [all] → Send your nominations to Michelle.
  5. January awards hike.
    We don’t know whether we can do one, but it isn’t too early to think about it.
  6. Statistics
    Kevin presented the latest.

July 2020

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Meeting Minutes
July 28, 2020, 7:00 PM
  1. Welcome, Introductions
  2. Reports
    President [Michelle Jelsma]
    No car pooling until further notice.
    Other topics from the Executive Committee on July 21.
    Treasurer [Tom Simonick]
    As of July 28, the club has 133 paid members and $7418 in the bank.
    Webmaster [Ted Tenny]
    My thanks to the 12 people who have led hikes for the Trailblazers this year: Mohammed Al-Marimi, Lin Chao, Kevin Chittenden, David French, Tamar Gottfried, Mary Greenwood, Michael Humphrey, Michelle Jelsma, Gabe McConnell, Chuck Parsons, Mark Purcell, Tom Simonick.
    We have three first-time hike leaders: Mohammed Al-Marimi, Kevin Chittenden, and Mary Greenwood.
    Statistician [Kevin Chittenden]
    Number of hikes so far in 2020: 42. Total mileage hiked: 3680.
    Top hike leaders are Tamar Gottrried with 13 and Michael Humphrey with 8.
    Top hikers are Li Li, Kevin Chittenden, Tom Simonick, and Michael Humphrey.
  3. Previous Hikes
    Jan 25 Awards South MountainMichelle Jelsma
    Feb 1Dixie Mountain PhoenixGabe McConnell
    Feb 1Arnett Canyon SuperiorTamar Gottfried
    Feb 8Superior Railway SuperstitionsMichael Humphrey
    Feb 13-16Valley of Fire NevadaMohammed Al-Marimi
    Feb 15Fossil Springsl StrawberryTamar Gottfried
    Feb 23Turpentine Loop ScottsdaleChuck Parsons
    Feb 23Pyramid Loop South MountainTom Simonick
    Feb 29Lizard Life SedonaMark Purcell
    Mar 7Ben Avery Trail EagletailsMichael Humphrey
    Mar 14Pima Canyon Trail TucsonChuck Parsons
    Mar 21Pass Mountain Trail GoldfieldsMichael Humphrey
    Mar 28Rogers Canyon SuperstitionsTamar Gottfried
    May 2Transept Trail SedonaChuck Parsons
    May 10Fool Canyon SedonaMark Purcell
    May 16Sandy's Canyon FlagstaffDavid French
    May 22-25Car Camp GlobeMichael Humphrey
    May 30Highline to Drew Tonto NFKevin Chittenden
    June 6Kachina Wetlands FlagstaffDavid French
    June 13Kendrick Peak FlagstaffMary Greenwood
    June 13Rim Vista Loop Mogollon RimMichael Humphrey
    June 20Apache Maid SedonaMark Purcell
    Jun 20-21Madera Canyon Santa RitasTamar Gottfried
    June 27-29West Fork SedonaMichael Humphrey
    July 3-10Hiking Week White MountainsTamar Gottfried
    July 18Comet Neowise MaricopaMichael Humphrey
    July 25Gold Digger Trail FlagstaffMichael Humphrey
  4. Upcoming Hikes
    Aug 1 Schultz Creek Loop FlagstaffQuy Nguyen
    Aug. 8Red, Slate Mountains FlagstaffMark Purcell
    Aug. 15<<open>>   
    Aug. 22Soldiers Trail FlagstaffTed Tenny
    Aug. 29<<open>>   
    Sept. 5<<open>>   
    Sept. 4-7Fall Color Weekend White MountainsLin Chao
    Sept. 12<<open>>   
    Sept. 19<<open>>   
    Sept. 26<<open>>   
  5. Guest Speaker: John Scruggs
    subject: Africa
        John presented an introduction to adventure touring in southern Africa with a special introduction to glamping (glamorous camping). Topics included his flight there, Table Mountain, diamonds, wine, Land Rovers, night safari, zip lines, glamping, and animals.
  6. Next Meeting
    Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 7:00 PM.

Executive Committee, July 21, 2020

attendees: Michelle Jelsma, Tom Simonick, Kevin Chittenden, Ted Tenny
  1. Should we have a Zoom meeting instead of the regular July meeting?
    The Zoom meeting is scheduled for July 28, 7:00 PM.
    John Scruggs will be our invited guest speaker. Ted is available if John isn’t.
    AI [Tom] → Set up the Zoom meeting.
    AI [Michelle] → Send John an email about the meeting.
    AI [Ted] → Put it on the calendar and send out an email announcing it.
  2. Should we make Kevin Crittenden part of the Executive Committee?
    AI [Ted] → Put Kevin’s name on the web as the new Statistician.
  3. Treasurer’s concerns (Tom)
    •  Corporation Commission (Jim)
    •  Insurance (Sasha)
    •  The club has 133 members.

Executive Committee, June 2, 2020

attendees: Michelle Jelsma, Jim Buyens, Tom Simonick, Ted Tenny
  1. New rules for the pandemic
    Restrictions on car pooling remain. The idea of deputy leaders and two or more groups is a good one, and should be mentioned.
    AI [Michelle] → Compose a modified statement.
  2. July 21 AZHC meeting. Where?
    Goody’s is open, but the officers had some doubts about meeting in their banquet room.
    AI [Ted] → When updating the calendar, leave out the July 16 meeting. It can be added later if need be.
  3. Treasurer’s Report
    Currently the club has 134 members. Only four members have dropped their memberships since March. The club checking account has $7493.70
  4. Credit for deputy leaders
    A deputy leader gets only ½ credit. This is because the hike leader does all the paperwork.
  5. Incident
    Three people got lost recently. Fortunately they stayed together. Michelle made a good case for establishing a rendezvous and then driving in caravan to the destination.
  6. Statistician
    Several names were mentioned.
    AI [all] → Send Michelle the names of your candidates.

Executive Committee, April 28, 2020

attendees:  Michelle Jelsma, Jim Buyens, Tom Simonick, Ted Tenny
  1. Whether to resume hikes.
    We’re waiting to hear from Governor Ducey. In the meantime, the club will sponsor hikes in which the individuals meet at the trailhead instead of carpooling. The club will no longer measure carpooling. Limit of 10 participants.
    AI [Michelle] → Compose a suitable email.
  2. Hikes by Chuck Parsons on May 2 and by Mark Purcell on May 9.
    They can go on, subject to the restrictions.
  3. May 19 meeting.
    AI [Ted] → Remove the meeting from the Calendar.
  4. Events for June.
    Grand Canyon National Park and Sedona are currently closed. The events will stay on the Calendar for now.
  5. Insurance.
    What’s currently covered?
    AI [Tom] → Coordinate with Monika on this.
  6. Membership changes.
    AI [Tom] → Send Ted an email containing, at least, the name and email address of each person who has joined or left the club.

Executive Committee, March 9, 2020

attendees:  Michelle Jelsma, Jim Buyens, Tom Simonick, Terry Lynch, Ted Tenny
  1. Hike Leader Training.
    Should be in the fall. Jim prepared an excellent handout. Michelle plans to go with Gail Graves on her Pass Mountain Loop hike on March 21.
  2. Speakers for May 19, July 21, September 15.
    Michelle has tried to contact the guest speaker for May 19.
    For July 21 and September 15, Michelle should contact someone from the Maricopa Trail Association, and John Scruggs.
    AI [Michelle] → Make the contacts.
    AI [Ted] → Be ready, just in case.
  3. Desert Mountain Hiking Invitational. [Michelle].
    With or without a subsidy, it isn’t worth $30.
    AI [Ted] → Take it off the schedule.
  4. Club Packs [email fron Chuck Parsons].
    No changes in policy are needed.
    An announcement will be made at next week’s meeting.
  5. Webmaster [Ted]
    The officers don’t need to vote on external links.
  6. Camping Trip Hikes. [Terry].
    AI [Ted] → Look up the current policy.

January 2020

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Meeting Minutes
January 21, 2020, 6:00 PM
Goody’s, 1862 W. Baseline Rd. Mesa, AZ 85202
  1. Reports
    President [Michelle Jelsma]
    •  Don’t miss the Awards hike, Potluck, and Gear Exchange!
    Be at South Mountain at 8:00 AM.
    The club will have hike leader training in March, after Ted recovers.
    Other topics are from the Executive Committee, January 13.
    Treasurer [Tom Simonick]
    As of January 21, 2020, the club has 139 paid members and $6630.52 in the bank. The primary expense in the last month was $250 for gift cards to be awarded at the Annual Awards Potluck.
    Webmaster [Ted Tenny]
    I had rotator cuff surgery of my right shoulder on December 13, 2019. Recovery is slow, but I’m going to physical therapy and will make a comeback. Many thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts.
    Statistician [Terry Lynch]
    Listed below are the numbers for the month of January as of the 19th:
    Hikes done by the club.
    47  Members have hiked this month.
    Non-members have hiked with us.
    798  Total miles hiked.
    11  Members have driven for a total of 790 miles.
     The leading hikers are: 
    Li and Tom with 51.3
    Kevin Chittenden with 48.7
    Debbie and Chris with 44.2
  2. Previous Hikes
    Nov. 23 Cave Creek PhoenixMichael Humphrey
    Nov. 23 Apache Wash PhoenixGabrielle McConnell
    Nov. 28 Peak 3004 Loop GoldfieldsTamar Gottfried
    Nov. 30Black Mesa Loop SuperstitionsMichelle Jelsma
    Dec. 7 Amazing Adventure Papago ParkDebbie Rowray
    Dec. 8 Picketpost Perimeter SuperiorTamar Gottfried
    Dec. 14 Brown's Mountain ScottsdaleChuck Parsons
    Dec. 21 Balanced Rock ScottsdaleQuy Nguyen
    Dec. 28 White Tank Mountains PhoenixQuy Nguyen
    Dec. 31 Rainbow Valley Trail Sierra EstrellaQuy Nguyen
    Dec. 31 Snowshoe and Fondue FlagstaffRalph Glenn
    Jan. 4 Quartz Peak Sierra EstrellaQuy Nguyen
    Jan. 5 First Water-Canyon Lake SuperstitionsTamar Gottfried
    Jan. 11 Barnhardt Canyon MazatzalsQuy Nguyen
    Jan. 18 Granite Mountain ScottsdaleLin Chao
    Jan. 18 Badger Brawl PhoenixGabrielle McConnell
    Jan. 19 Charlebois Long Loop SuperstitionsTamar Gottfried
  3. Upcoming Hikes   
    Jan. 25 AZHC Awards Potluck South MountainMichelle Jelsma
    Feb. 1 Dixie Mountain PhoenixGabrielle McConnell
    Feb. 8 <<open>>
    Feb. 13-16Valley of Fire NevadaMohammed Al-Marimi
    Feb. 15 <<open>>
    Feb. 22 Turpentine Loop ScottsdaleChuck Parsons
    Feb. 29 Lizard Life SedonaMark Purcell
    Mar. 7<<open>>
    Mar. 14<<open>>
  4. Guest Speaker: Roger Naylor
    subject: The Amazing Kolb Brothers of Grand Canyon
        Roger told the story of the Kolb brothers Ellsworth and Emery, with many pictures. The Kolb brothers were pioneers in Grand Canyon photography. They made a famous video in 1911 when boating down the Colorado River.
  5. Next Meeting
    Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 6:00 PM, Goody’s.

Executive Committee, January 13, 2020

attendees: Michelle Jelsma, Jim Buyens, Tom Simonick, Terry Lynch, Ted Tenny
  1. Awards Hike & Potluck, January 25
    Award categories include miles hiked with the club, hikes led, and trips driven.
    AI [Jim] → Print the award certificates. Bring paper products to the January 21 meeting.
    AI [Tom] → Buy gift cards to be handed out for hikers, leaders, carpool drivers.
    AI [Tom] → Lead the hike on the Holbert Trail.
    AI [Tamar] → Bring a beer permit.
  2. Hike Leader Training
    AI [Terry] → Find out about safety training.
    AI [Ted] → Write a plan for Hike Leader Training.
  3. Whether to make the Statistician part of the Executive Committee this year.
  4. Treasurer Concerns [Tom Simonick]
    AI [Tom] → Inform Ted of membership changes.
    AI [Ted] → Find the accident-injury form and put it on the web site.
  5. Speakers for March 17, May 19, July 21, September 15, November 17
    We have a guest speaker for January.
    AI [Michelle] → Contact Tamar about a potential speaker for March 17.
    AI [Michelle] → Contact John Scruggs as a potential speaker.
    AI [Ted] → Contact S.A.L.T. for a potential speaker.
    AI [all] → Identify potential speakers.
  6. Ted’s vacation, May 3-17
    I’ll be back in time for the May 19 club meeting.

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