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Minutes - 2021

January 2021

Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2021, 7:00 PM
  1. Reports
    President [Lin Chao]
    •  The club has upcoming car camping trips to Death Valley, Bryce Canyon (2), Big Lake, Arches.
    Other topics are from the Executive Committee, January 12.
    Treasurer [Tom Simonick]
    As of January 19, the club has 146 paid members and $7451 in the bank.
    Webmaster [Ted Tenny]
    Congratulations to the new hike leaders of 2020 and 2021. They are, in order of appearance: Mohammed Al-Marimi, Kevin Chittenden, Mary Greenwood, Chris Everett, Carl Lunde, Randall Greeley, Billie Horn, Neil Dennis.
    Statistician [John Scruggs]
    •  Statistics for 2020
    Li Li is the top hiker of 2020.
    Tamar Gottfried is the top leader of 2020.
  2. Previous Hikes
    Nov. 21 Yeager Canyon JeromeChuck Parsons
    Nov. 21 Idaho Pass-Wolveine Pass GoldfieldsTed Tenny
    Nov. 27 Picketpost Perimeter SuperiorTamar Gottfried
    Nov. 28Crested Saguaro ScottsdaleQuy Nguyen
    Dec. 5 Gooseneck-Pemberton ScottsdaleQuy Nguyen
    Dec. 5 Haunted Canyon SuperiorTamar Gottfried
    Dec. 12 Holbert-Lomitas Loop South MountainQuy Nguyen
    Dec. 19 Corral Loop ScottsdaleChuck Parsons
    Dec. 20 Telegraph Pass South MountainChris Everett
    Dec. 26 Prospector's View SuperstitionsTed Tenny
    Dec. 27 Geronimo Trail South MountainChris Everett
    Dec. 31 Riparian Preserve GilbertJoe Michalides
    Jan. 2 Alta-Bajada Loop South MountainChris Everett
    Jan. 5 Granite Mountain ScottsdaleCarl Lunde
    Jan. 9 San Tan Loop Queen CreekRandall Greeley
    Jan. 12 Seitts Preserve Loop Cave CreekBillie Horn
    Jan. 16 Hieroglyphic Canyon SuperstitionsChuck Parsons
  3. Upcoming Hikes   
    Jan. 23 Monument Canyon SuperstitionsMichael Humphrey
    Jan. 24 Robber’s Roost SedonaMark Purcell
    Jan. 26 Mountain Preserve PhoenixNeil Dennis
    Jan. 30 Garden Valley Archaelogy SuperstitionsTed Tenny
    Feb. 6 <<open>>
    Feb. 13 Mazatzal Peak Loop MazatzalsRandall Greeley
    Feb. 20 <<open>>
    Feb. 21-26 Death Valley Hikes CaliforniaMichael Humphrey
    Feb. 27 <<open>>
    Mar. 6Bulldog Canyon GoldfieldsTed Tenny
    Mar. 13Feathered Friends ChandlerRandall Greeley
  4. Guest Speaker: Roger Naylor
    subject: Arizona’s Scenic Roads and Hikes
       With his latest book, Arizona’s Scenic Roads and Hikes, travel writer Roger Naylor coaxes readers outdoors with the promise of an array of wonders.
        Arizona is the 6th largest state and has more than its share of scenic drives. Roger presented a slide show of some of them, and answered questions.
        The book retails for $21.95 and signed copies can be purchased at www.rogernaylor.com.
  5. Next Meeting
    Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 7:00 PM, Zoom.

Executive Committee, January 12, 2021

attendees: Lin Chao, Michael Humphrey, Tom Simonick, John Scruggs, Ted Tenny
  1. Whether to make the Statistician part of the Executive Committee (Constitution & Bylaws, section IV-3)
    Passed. Welcome to the Executive Committee, John!
  2. Alternate hike signup (Mark Purcell)
    Hike leaders should be allowed to do their own thing for hike signups. Ted keeps an Excel spreadsheet, but paper is fine. A meetup group would be OK, but we need to see a demonstration. Mark will be invited to the next Executive Committee meeting.
  3. Old Trip Release Forms (Chuck Parsons)
    They contain contact information, so Ted keeps them all. Occasionally he needs to contact someone who has signed up for a past hike. Michael talked to a lawyer and found that 3 years is enough.
    Trip Release Forms before 2018 can be shredded.
    AI [Tom] → Write a policy regarding old trip release forms.
  4. Awards Hike 2021
    Postponed until we know more about the pandemic. Lin talked to the officials at Lost Dutchman State Park and learned that they have a group size limit of 25 and didn’t know the cost.
    Hikers should be recognized for miles hiked. Leaders should be recognized for hikes led. There was some discussion of who has been in the club the longest. Chuck Parsons joined the Motorola Hiking Club (which became the Trailblazers) in 1997. Ted in 1999. Rudy some time in that era. Both Chuck and Ted received Lifetime Achievement awards.
  5. Hike Leader Training
    It will be on a Bulldog Canyon Loop hike, presented ny Ted.
    AI [Ted] → Make up a hike description. Include trip reports.
  6. Survey for the kayaking trip
    AI [Lin] → Contact Chuck about making up the survey.
  7. Survey for the weekdays bike trip
    AI [Lin] → Contact Quy about making up the survey.
  8. Reward members who introduce a new hiker to the club and become a member
    A lot of people join the club because of the web page. Ted has enough recognition.
  9. Rewarding leaders with Club Polo shirt after # of trips
    Have the club logo embroidered on an article of clothing of the leader’s choice after leading three hikes.
  10. Possibility of Dog-friendly only hike for those who love dogs
    The Executive Committee has been through this before. If a hiker slips on the trail and falls on a dog, the dog may bite. The club could be sued. However, if a hiker slips on the trail and falls on another hiker, everyone knows it was an accident. Case dismissed. Also dogs may be all right with people, but not with other dogs.
  11. Welcome letter to new members
    AI [Ted] → Include future trips not yet on the calendar.
  12. Speakers for March 16, May 18, July 20, September 21, November 16
    Michelle and Ross want to give a presentation before a live audience, not on Zoom. Carol will give a presentation at the May 18 meeting
    AI [all] → Find speakers for March 16, July 20, September 21, November 16.
  13. Encourage hikers wear masks when we meet at TH, while we take group pictures.
    Limit the number of hikers.

    AI [Lin] → Update the words on the Schedule.

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