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Hike Arizona: Goldfield Mountains
West East
Blue Ridge
Bulldog Canyon Loop
Bulldog Canyon to River
Cat Peaks Figure-8
Dome Mountain
Gold Country Arches
Golden Hill 2726
Goldfield Oven
Hill 2685
Idaho Pass
Meridian Mystery Trail
Northwest Bajada
Pass Mountain
Peak 3004 Loop
Peak 3108 Ridgeline
South Bulldog Ridge
Usery Peaks
West Goldfield Vista
Wind Cave
Blue and Gold Ridges
Blue Ridge-Orohai
Camouflage Tanks
Cottonwood Spring
Golden Ridge 2246
Hat Top Hill
Helmet Rock
Horns of a Dilemma
IQ Arch
North Goldfield Skyline
Orohai Loop
Peak 2881
Peak 3134 Ridgeline
Salt River Ramble
South Goldfield Arches
Sunrise Arch
Willow Creek
Wishbone Junction Loop

Saguaro Lake: Butcher Jones Trail

Tenny, Ted, Goldfield Mountain Hikes, Gem Guides, Baldwin Park, CA, 2006.
Day hikes in Arizona’s Goldfield Mountains are described with margin notes keyed to topographic maps in color.
Tenny, Ted, Footloose From Phoenix: Some Pretty Amazing Hikes, Westcliffe Publishers, Boulder, CO, 2015.
Hikes in the Goldfields are described in chapter 3.
updated February 19, 2017