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Hike Arizona: Superior and Globe
Superior: Apache Leap
Superior: Arizona Trail at Picketpost Mountain
Superior: Boyce Thompson Arboretum
Superior: King’s Crown Peak
Superior: Montana Mountain
Superior: Old US 60
Superior: Picketpost Mountain
Superior: Picketpost Perimeter
Superior: Reavis Trail Canyon
Superior: Whitford Canyon
Superior: Wood Canyon Loop
Miami: Historic Pinto Creek Bridge
Globe: Haunted Canyon
Globe: Six Shooter Canyon
Kelvin: Gila River Canyons

Carlson, Jack, Stewart, Elizabeth, Superstition Wilderness Trails East, Clear Creek Publishing, Tempe, AZ, 2010.
Hikes in the eastern part of the Superstition Wilderness are complete with topographic maps, history and legends.
Tenny, Ted, Footloose From Phoenix: Some Pretty Amazing Hikes, Westcliffe Publishers, Boulder, CO, 2015.
Hikes near Superior are described in chapter 6.

updated April 4, 2018