Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Aravaipa Backpacking Trip
Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness Area
April 29-May 2, 2018

 Trip is full. 
•  General Description:
Aravaipa is ranked among the great scenic wonders of Arizona. Aravaipa Creek has cut a canyon though the volcanic stone of the Galiuro Mountains. The erosion of the water and wind has cut a steep-walled canyon though the heart of the mountains. Aravaipa Creek is a permanent water source in this desert landscape. One of the healthiest desert bighorn populations in the state roams these hills and mountains.
This is a much divided landscape. In the creek bottom are cottonwoods, willows and sycamores. Above them on the canyon walls are saguaros and other cactuses. You should look at the previous trip reports.
Cost: $20.00 per person plus the cost of gas.
Weather conditions: Safford.
Summer hiking can be hot. Normal daytime is low 80s. Normal night time is high 50s. This area is about 5 degrees cooler than Phoenix. The creek will be a cool 40°-50°, so hiking will not be problem.
Dogs allowed: no
Trip Leader:
Saturday or Sunday morning, in the parking lot near Home Depot on the SE corner of Power and US 60. No cars may be left here.
•  From Phoenix, take US Highway 60 to Globe.
At Globe, continue southeast on US Highway 70 to Pima for lunch.
Any gas or supplies we need are picked up in Pima, and then we backtrack to Klondyke Road (one mile north of Pima).
Turn left onto this graded dirt road.
Go 24 miles west to the town of Klondyke.
Left are campgrounds and right is the road to trailhead.

Saturday or Sunday: After we have lunch in Pima and get settled in at the Four Mile campsite, and if we have enough time left, we drive over to the cliff dwelling at Turkey Creek. This will let us check out the road conditions. Four wheel drive may be required after the campgrounds. We can have a fire at this campground if we bring wood. The days are long at this time of the year, so we should have time to see the cliff dwelling at Turkey Creek.

next day: Drive to the junction of Turkey and Aravaipa Creeks and park the trucks. Two four wheel drive trucks will be enough for 10 persons for the last 1.5 miles, and that road can be bad. Cars can manage the road until the last 1.5 miles. We then get to backpack into Aravaipa. 90% of the trail is the creek, so we will be getting our feet wet. We will set up camp at Hell Hole Canyon. After camp is setup we may do a hike to Booger Canyon. I have a 4 wheel drive truck.

next day: Leave base camp and head north into Hell Hole slot canyon. We should have lunch at the north boundary of Aravaipa. This will let us see the complete canyon. We will then return to base camp with some detours up some of the side canyons. The north end of this canyon is open desert. To escape the heat we may start in the early morning for this hike.

last day: Pack up base camp and head back to the trucks. We will leave after noon, so we will have lunch at the base camp. Should get to good dirt road before dark, and then have dinner in Globe.

updated January 29, 2018