Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Death Valley Hikes
February 21-26, 2021
•  General Description: Death Valley is a unique place. This will be a drive and hike short distances type of trip. Most hikes will be ½ day and then back in the car to the next place. Thus, for most hikes, you will only need 1 liter of water and then we are back at the car for a refill. Death Valley has many different things to see. We will see the pupfish that can live in 130° water, hidden waterfalls, and many other unique things.
The Titus Canyon will be an all-day drive with a stop in the middle at Leadville. This will be limited by the number of 4x4 vehicles.
In February the temperatures are good, being mid 70s in the day. Because of COVID19 the group campsites in California are closed, but the hotels in Nevada are open.
I have a hotel reservation for February 21-26 at the Exchange Club Motel in Beatty, Nevada.
We’ll do emails before the trip to set up which hikes we do on which days. I will not update this web page.

There are hotels in Beatty. Beatty is only about 1 mile by 1 mile, so nothing is far.
  1. Exchange Club Motel
  2. Atomic Inn. You get a small cabin with interesting decor.
  3. El Portal Motel. Oldest hotel in Beatty.
  4. Death Valley Inn
  5. Motel 6
  6. StageCoach Hotel & Casino. Newest Hotel.
If you want to go book the hotel, send me an email with the hotel name. Please book so you can cancel (remember COVID19). Also state whether you will be bringing a 4x4 vehicle. This vehicle is not needed to get there or for most of the hikes, but on the Titus Canyon & Leadville, it is recommended.

  1. Titus Canyon & Leadville:
    We will meet in the ghost town of Rhyolite to get started. Rhyolite is just outside of Beatty. A drive through a very spectacular slot canyon with a stop for lunch at the ghost town of Leadville. This is a dirt road that is not maintained, so high clearance 4x4 is recommended. I will have my truck, which can take me+7. Four of us in the cab and 4 in the pickup bed (if persons want).
  2. Bad water: the lowest spot in North America. We will walk on the salt flats here.
  3. Artists Drive: scenic drive with many lookout points.
  4. Zabriskie Point: Short walk up to an overview point
  5. Mesquite Sand Dunest: A walk though some big sand dunes. A couple of miles
  6. Dantes View: Breathtaking viewpoint, only a short walk
  7. Ubehebe Crater: A walk around the rim, a couple of miles of walking
  8. Keane Wonder Mine: Old gold mine, may need to walk to it. The last mile can be a rough road.
  9. Father Crowley Vista:
    Great view point, also the starting point to hike into Rainbow canyon. Rainbow does rate the name.
  10. Many other possibilities.

When car-pooling, pay your share the cost of gas. The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5/non-member. Hotel room in Beatty. A 7 day permit to DVNP is $30, or an $80 National Park Pass per car.

Information I need in the email:
  1. Hotel name
  2. Whether you are bringing a 4x4
  3. Whether you want a person to ride with you, or ride with someone.
Dogs allowed: no

Weather conditions: Furnace Creek


Meet: 7 PM in the Exchange Club Motel parking lot on Feb 21. It is in the center of town. We can talk about what we want to do.

US-60 to Wickenburg
US-93 to Kingman. Have lunch here.
US-93 to Las Vegas
I-515 around to the north of Vegas to US-95. Gas up before you leave Vegas.
When US-95 gets to Beatty, stop at your hotel.
Updated January 8, 2021