Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Eclipse 2017 Trip, Wyoming
August 19-26, 2017

There is going to be an total eclipse of the sun on August 21. In the Casper, Wyoming area it will be a total eclipse for 2.5 minutes.

On the way there we will stop and see some sights. Casper is next to Yellowstone Park, so after the eclipse we will stay in the Yellowstone area and see parts of the park.

A camera is highly recommended. The next total eclipse is a long time from now.
•  Light hiking gear
•  1 liter water bottle, refill as needed
•  Small hip bag for snacks, first aid
•  Walking shoes

Saturday, August 19: Leave Phoenix and stop at Petrified Forest for an hour or two. Continue the drive to New Mexico.

Sunday, August 20: Get to Ft. Collins, CO. We have rooms reserved.

Monday, August 21: By 11:00 AM, get close to Casper. Eclipse will occur after 11:30 AM. The road from Ft Collins to Casper is I-25, which in the eclipse path in Wyoming. We can find a good spot beside the road to view the eclipse. We will stay in hotels, so we do not have to pack/unpack tents. After the eclipse, continue to Yellowstone.

Tuesday-Wednesday, August 22-23: Stay at hotels in or by Yellowstone Park as we go exploring.

Thursday, August 25: Exit to the west side of Yellowstone and take I-15 south. Pick up some of the parks between Yellowstone and Phoenix.

Friday, August 26: Drive south to Phoenix and get home.

•  Distance: 3 to 7 miles per day
Time: 1-7 hours per day
Elevation Change: +-100'
Range of Elevation: Hikes only need tennis shoes
Hike Rating: "C+"
On trail: 100% — Yellowstone and other trails
Cost:  Hotel costs.  When car-pooling, pay your share the cost of gas.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5/non-member.
Dogs allowed: no
Weather conditions: Casper, Wyoming
Trip Leader:  Trip is full. 
Meet: At various car pool locations.

updated July 14, 2016