Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Grand Canyon Trip
May 26-28, 2018
•  General Description:

The Grand Canyon is GRAND. Pictures do not do it justice. There are multiple hikes planned.
Do the lava tunnel by Flagstaff and Walnut Canyon National Monument. Just a mile in and out, but enough to get the legs working after your long drive up from Phoenix. A hat and flashlight are required. The black lava is easy to bump your head into, so the hat is a very good thing. Hiking poles can help on the lava rocks under foot. After the cave, we will have lunch at Subway. It is at the intersection of the dirt road to/from the cave and I-40. Walnut Canyon National Monument is a nice 3-mile walk, but there is many stairs.
We will then complete our journey to Williams, check in to our hotels and eat dinner at some place in Williams. Pick up breakfast and lunch for the next day from some spot in town.
Start driving at 3:00 AM to the Grand Canyon. Park at the Visitor Center about 4 AM and pick up the 4:30 AM shuttle out to Kaibab Trailhead.
The long hike, 16 miles, is an "A+" hike. Only 10 persons on this hike. It has a 5,000 foot elevation change, with a stop at Phantom Ranch for lemonade (you’ll need $3 cash). Continue to Indian Garden for lunch and a nap under the cottonwoods. The trail up will be in full sun, so we will wait here until about 2 PM for shade to be on the trail. We will be at the top about 6 PM.
Summer hiking can be hot in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Normal daytime high in the mid 90s. On the South Rim, mid 70s.
For the short hike we need a leader. Walk with the long group out to Cedar Ridge and then return to Kaibab Trailhead. Then continue on the Rim Trail back to the Visitor Center. Here, pick up a bus over to Bright Angel or continue on the Rim Trail. The bus runs next to the Rim Trail from here to Hermits Rest. Hike whatever distance you want and then get on the bus to the next lookout point. Pick a good spot and have your packed lunch. Get an ice cream out at Hermits Rest and view the canyon. Get on the bus and return to Bright Angel Trailhead about 6 PM. Watch the long hikers slowly walk up the trail.
Condors like to fly in the Bright Angel food court area.
The long hikers should be exiting at Bright Angel after 6 PM. They will have ice cream or something at the food court before returning to Williams. This is a good spot to see the sun set after 7 PM.
Return to Williams for a late dinner.
Have breakfast at the hotel. Leave by noon for Phoenix, to beat the traffic.
Distance: 16 miles on the long hike, 3 or more on the short hike.
Time: All day.
Elevation Change: -+5,000 ft on long hike, -+1,200 ft on short hike. Down before up!
Elevations: 7,200' start, 2,500' middle (long hike), 6,800' end.
Type: one way (long), round trip (short).
Starting at: Kaibab Trailhead.
Ending at: Bright Angel Trailhead.
On Trail: 100%, South Kaibab Trail down, River Trail, Bright Angel Trail up.
Rating: "A+" (long), "C" (short).
Cost: $30.00 per car plus hotel plus the cost of gas.
Weather conditions: Grand Canyon Village. It will be hotter at the Colorado River.
Dogs allowed: no
Trip Leader:
Please email the leader by, April 1, 2018, to confirm, but earlier gets you a better spot.
Limit of 10 on the long hike.
Saturday morning, 9 AM in the parking lot near Denny’s at the southwest corner of I-17 and Bell. No cars may be left here.
•  Take I-17 to Flagstaff.
At the I-17 & I-40 interchange, take I-40 east toward Albuquerque. This may be a mess, major road construction here March 1 to December 1.
At Route 622 (mile post 204) exit, continue to Walnut Canyon Monument. $10 entrance fee per car. Have lunch in Flagstaff.
Get back on I-40 west toward L.A. Exit at Bellemont (milepost 185).
Take dirt road to the Lava Cave.
We will be staying in hotels in Williams.

updated May 14, 2018