Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Grand Canyon Hikes
Grand Canyon National Park
May 25-27, 2019

The Grand Canyon is GRAND. The pictures do not do it justice. There are multiple hikes planned. This is the 100th birthday of Grand Canyon National Park.


Do Sandy’s canyon by Flagstaff and Walnut Canyon National Monument. Sandy’s canyon is just 7 miles in and out, but enough to get the legs working after the long drive up from Phoenix. It is relativity flat, but has some nice short caves and connects into the wildlife area below Walnut Canyon Monument. This is also the Arizona Trail passage 33 to Flagstaff. Afterwards, do a late lunch.

Then complete our journey to Williams and check-in to our B&B or hotels. We will then have our pot luck dinner.


Start driving at 3:45 AM to the Grand Canyon. Park at the Visitor Center and pick up the bus out to Kaibab Trailhead on the first bus after 5:15 AM.

The river hike is 17 miles and is an "A" hike. Only 10 persons on this hike. The hike has a -+5,000 foot elevation change, with a stop at Phantom Ranch for lemonade (need $5 cash) and lunch. Continue to Indian Garden for a nap under the cottonwoods. The trail up will be in full sun, so we will wait here until about 2 PM for shade on the trail. We will be at the top about 7 PM.

Summer hiking can be hot in the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Normal day time is mid 90s. On the rim, mid 70s.

The rim hike is 3 to 18 miles, about 1,500 ft elevation change. Walk with the river group out to Cedar Ridge and then return to trailhead. Then continue on the Rim Trail to Hermit’s Rest. This trail is paved for most of the distance. The Rim Trail gives you an overlook of the Grand Canyon at just about every turn. There are places to pick up a bus on the Rim Trail. The bus runs next to the Rim Trail from here to Hermit’s Rest. Take what every distance you want and then get on the bus to the next lookout point.

Pick a good spot to sit at Bright Angel food court and have your packed lunch. The condors like to soar and visit the Bright Angel food court. After lunch, we now go down to the upper tunnel on the Bright Angel Trail, take many picture and return to the rim. Continue on the Rim Trail and get an ice cream out at Hermit’s Rest. View the canyon from Hermit’s Rest. Everyone needs to be at Hermit’s Rest about 4 PM. Get on the bus and return to Bright Angel. Watch the persons slowly walk up the trail. We can decide if we want to wait for the river crew.

The Bright Angel area. is a good spot to see the sun set after 7 PM.

Return to Williams for leftover pot luck. Most persons will have a small snack while we cycle though the showers to get the dirt off before we go to bed. Everyone must stay awake long enough to get in the house. No sleeping in the cars overnight!


Have breakfast at the hotel or B&B. Leave by 11 AM for Phoenix, to beat the traffic.

•  Distance: 17 miles on the river hike, 3-18 miles on the rim hike
Time: All day
elevation change: -+5,000 ft on river hike, +-1,500 ft on rim hike
Elevations: 7,200 ft start, 2,500 ft middle (river hike), 6,800 ft end.
Type: one way for both
Starting at: South Kaibab Trailhead
On trail: 100%
Hike Rating: "A+" for river, "D", "C", "B" for rim
Dogs allowed: no
For park admission, $35.00 vehicle permit or a fee of $8.00 per person, unless you have a Senior Pass or Golden Passport + hotel + gas
Weather: Grand Canyon Village
Trip Leader:    Email the leader by April 1, 2019, to confirm, but earlier gets you a better spot. (limit of 10 on the river hike).
Meet: Saturday morning, 8 AM in the parking lot near Denny’s on the SW corner of I-17 and Bell. No cars may be left here. We will arrange carpooling in early May.
Drive from Phoenix:
  Take I-17 to Flagstaff.
  At I-17 & I-40 interchange, take I-40 east toward Albuquerque.
  At the Butler exit go north, to continue on Butler must make a left turn at light, until S Babbitt Dr. (Taco Bell on the left). Park in the Taco Bell/ Sam’s lot. We will start the hike from here and return here after the hike.
  Have a late lunch in Flagstaff.
  Get back on I-40 west toward Los Angeles.
  Exit at Williams for the B&Bs.

updated February 14, 2019