Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Kitt Peak National Observatory
west of Tucson
August 11, 2018
clipbord Trip Report : July 8, 2006

Leave Phoenix about 6:15 AM and travel to Kitt Peak to see a large number of telescopes. They have some of the biggest in the world.

Stop in Tucson and pick up lunch. Eat the lunch on Kitt Peak before starting the tour.

Cannot have a backpack, but do need water bottle with water.

This is an all day tour with some night time. We can look though some of the telescopes after dark.

The solar telescope we can look though during the day.

There is the Perseid Meteor Shower that night, so we will stay after dark. Expect to get back to Phoenix about midnight.

The views from the top of Kitt peak are 360 and you can see to Mexico and California.

The hike is on gravel, so hiking boot are not required.

distance ~4 miles of on-pavement walking around the observatory
EC not much elevation change
elevations The summit of Kitt Peak is at an elevation of 6,875 feet.
on trail 100%
hike rating "C-"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs no
weather Tucson
cost Cost: $49 per person + gas.
Must bring lunch, no food for sale at Kitt Peak other than snacks.
Trip Leader:    Limit of 20 persons.


6:00 AM in the parking lot south of Einstein Brothers Bagel Shop on the SE corner of 48th Street & Ray Road, west of I-10: see map.

Carpooling arrangements will be made there. For those leaving their vehicles behind, please park up against the west curb of the parking lot and not in the Einstein’s common parking area.

•  We will drive to Tucson, southeast on I-10.
From I-10 in Tucson, take I-19 South.
Less than a mile is Ajo Way/Hwy 86 (Exit 99).
Take this exit west (right). Proceed past Ryan Airfield and Three Points.
Continue until Junction 386 (Kitt Peak turnoff). Turn left onto 386.
The Kitt Peak Visitor Center is located at the summit (12 miles).
There is ample parking for cars, RVs, and busses.
Additional directions: Kitt Peak Visitor Center.
Note to drivers: It’s a long drive. Make sure to fill up your gas tank.

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