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Two Hikes in Madera Canyon
Santa Rita Mountains
June 20-21, 2020
clipbord   Trip Report : June 20-21, 2020

Madera Canyon is a sky island and a little slice of paradise for birders, hikers and photographers in Southern Arizona less than 3 hours away from Phoenix.  Come escape to 5000 ft in the shadow of Mt. Wrightson and enjoy a few moderate hikes with good elevation gain.

I have rented a small cabin in Madera Canyon for the weekend and will be leading hikes on Saturday and Sunday. There is plenty of space at the Santa Rita Lodge cabins currently and there is also a campground at Bog Springs if anyone is interested. Call for availability. Madera Canyon is a 2 hour and 20 minute drive from Gilbert so this is actually closer than the summit of Mt. Lemmon, so day hiking is an option.

Saturday: Bog Springs/ Kent Springs loop and Dutch John Trails: 5 or 6.8 miles total. A nice climb with 1614 ft of elevation in a lush area at 5000 ft.

Sunday: Josephine Saddle loop, 6 miles, 1600 ft elevation gain the first part of Mt. Wrightson climb. Option to summit—but I won’t be doing that part—that is 12-15 miles with 4000 ft elevation gain.


8:30 AM each day at Bog Springs Campground.

•  I-19 south to Continental Road.
After a mile, take the Madera Canyon turnoff and follow it for 13.5 miles to Madera Canyon Recreation Area and Madera Trailhead.
The Bog Springs Campground is after 3 miles on Madera Canyon Road on the left.

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