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July 3-10, 2020
clipbord   Trip Report : July 3-10, 2020
•  Let us enjoy what Arizona has to offer in a year where travel elsewhere is difficult or impossible.

I will be staying in Pinetop July 3-10 and will lead a hike a day near the towns of Pinetop, Show Low, McNary, Big Lake, Eager or Alpine during that time. Which hike on which day will depend on who is going and the weather forecast (afternoon thunderstorms a possibility in July).

Possible hikes are:
Thompson Trail - 5 miles,
Pole Knoll (many lengths possible from 4-6 miles),
Country Club trail,
Los Burros (6, 9, 12 mile options),
Ghost of the Coyote (3, 5 and 12 mile options),
Hannigan Meadow,
Government Springs,
Squirrel Springs Green,
Blue Ridge - 9.4 miles,
West Baldy (the first few miles in and out, 6-8 miles total),
Panorama - 9.5 miles.

If you are interested, let me know which days and preferences for mileage and hikes and how to reach you up there.
Weather conditions: Pinetop
Trip Leader:    Email the leader to confirm.
Drive: Approximately 250 miles one way to Pinetop.

updated July 20, 2020