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Antelope Canyon Day Hike

when? Friday-Sunday, May 6-8, 2005
where? Page
the hike     This hike is actually a tour of a slot canyon on the Navajo reservation near Page. It is nationally known and its sun ray photos are world famous.
    This is a guided tour of either 1.5 hrs ($26) or 2.5 hrs ($41) photographic tour. I have arranged for a discounted group tour. Hikers may either drive up on Friday night or very early Saturday for a late morning tour. Hotel reservations are available for a double bed room at $45/person.
    For those staying up on Sunday, there are hiking options such as portions of Paria canyon. If you are interested, you must sign up by April 1 and prepay for the tour/lodging. Please email me with any questions. When signing up, please indicate tour preference, number of hotel nights, and if your are willing to drive (riders will help with gas $$$).
distance about a mile
EC +-200' elevation change
time 1.5 hrs or 2.5 hrs (photographic tour)
on trail 100%
rating "D"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs? no
cost See above.
weather Page

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