Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
AZT Happy Jack Passage Day Hike
Gonzales Tank to Bargaman Park
when Saturday, October 10, 2020
where Happy Jack
the hike     This is the third year the Arizona Trail Association has conducted this Arizona Trail in a Day, where they divide the trail into 100 segments and get people to sign up to hike, bike or ride on all the segments. I led the first two for the Arizona Trailblazers, so here goes for year three.
    We will hike a portion of the Happy Jack Passage between Gonzales Tank and FR 294. This is a portion of passage 28 and is segment 57. In 2019, the AZT completed realignment of this passage onto a new single track and off old forest roads. Officially the segment is 8.4 miles long. However, I drove FR 93 to get to Gonzales Tank in my Subaru and found that the road gets too rough. Therefore, we will have to hike the last 2+ miles of FR 93 making the total hike 11+ miles.
    This will be a key swap, with half the group starting on FR 294 near Bargaman Park Tank and hiking south while the other half start on FR 93, hike to Gonzales Tank, and then go north on the AZT.
    We need good all-wheel drive, high clearance vehicles to get to the trailheads. If you do not have one, please team up with someone who does.
    Please note that this is a fund raiser for the AZT so visit my page on the AZT web site and donate if you can.
distance 11+ miles
time 6-7 hours
EC +-1000' elevation change
elevations 6800' to 7400'
type key swap
on trail 100% — Arizona Trail
rating "B"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost The club allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Happy Jack
leader    Email the leader to confirm.
meet 8:30 AM at Lake Mary Road and FR 93.
•  Take SR 87 north through Payson and continue to Clint’s Well and Lake Mary Road (Coconino Co Route 3). Or you can take I-17 to Camp Verde then SR 260 to SR 87.
Turn right on Lake Mary Road and go to just north of Mile Post 301 and look for a brown sign on the right with 93 as a tack on to bottom of the sign.

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