Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Horse Lake Day Hike
when Trip Report : June 2, 2018
  Trip Report : July 5, 2014
  Trip Report : May 26, 2012
  Trip Report : July 2, 2011
  Trip Report : September 1, 2007
where Flagstaff
the hike     This hike is on AZT passage 30, Anderson Mesa.
    We’ll begin our one-way hike at Horse Lake Trailhead. This easy Arizona Trail walk through the patchy forest on Anderson Mesa features plentiful wildlife and great views of the lakes. Finish the hike at USGS Observatory Trailhead.
    This section of Arizona Trail Passage #30 starts at Horse Lake Trailhead. It goes north and climbs Anderson Mesa, then passes east of Horse Lake. It follows a two-track, turns west, becomes a trail again, and passes a junction with the Lakeview Campground Trail. After crossing FR 129 the trail passes west of Vail Lake and continues northwest between Prime Lake and Lowell Observatory.
    See GPS Route Map.
    This hike is described in Footloose from Phoenix, by Ted Tenny, pages 266-272.
    Passage 30 of the Arizona Trail is described by Matthew J. Nelson on pages 223-229 of Your Complete Guide to the Arizona National Scenic Trail.
distance 9.7 miles
EC +100'-300' elevation change
elevations 7048' (Mormon Canyon Tank 1) to 7251' (hill south of Vail Lake)
time 6-7 hours
rating "C+"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
on trail 100% — Arizona Trail, passage #30
dogs? no
type one way
starting at
Horse Lake Trailhead 35° 1.676' N,  111° 26.653' W  [NAD27]
ending at
USGS Observatory Trailhead 35° 6.019' N,  111° 32.141' W  [NAD27]
cost When car-pooling, pay your share the cost of gas.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Flagstaff
meet 7:00 AM in the Fry’s parking lot on the SW corner of I-17 & Bell Road. Park behind Denny’s, near the entrance to the Deer Valley Park & Ride.
To meet us at Camp Verde, Flagstaff, or the trailhead, please contact the leader to finalize a time and place.
•  Take I-17 north to Flagstaff
Get off at Lake Mary Road (county highway 3), exit 339.
Turn right and go southeast 9.3 miles, alongside Lower Lake Mary, to the paved Lowell Observatory Road going uphill on the left.
Take that road up Anderson Mesa 1.25 miles to the sign for Lowell Observatory.
Turn right and follow the paved road to the parking lot, which is a gravel loop on the left side.

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