Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Apache Maid Lookout and T-Bar Ranch Day Hike
when Trip Report : June 20, 2020
where Sedona
the hike     As with some club events in the past, this hike will involve two distinct groups which will allow us to expand maximum participation to twenty (based on current club edicts). However, this will not be a key exchange. Instead, all vehicles will meet at one central location and hikers will be split between two co-leaders.
    Group A will initially climb up a forest road 1100 feet to the Apache Maid Lookout Tower, while Group B will head towards the historic USFS archeological site called the T-Bar Ranch. Subsequently each group will reverse course, pass by the car park area, and hike to their 2nd destination.
    Since both are about the same distance away from the car park, with time controlled site explorations and lunch stops, and with luck and adjustments based on where we pass each other, both groups should be able to finish their second legs and return to the start at approximately the same time.
    Lookout—short hike to unobstructed ground level views of Mingus Mountain, Sedona, and Humphreys. Due to COVID restrictions, it is possible that access to the tower platform may be restricted or prohibited.
    T-Bar Ranch—its age is uncertain, as it was probably built in stages. An acquaintance who wrote about the building stated that “moving through the house was like exploring a human body with the skin and other soft tissue removed.”
distance 9 miles
time 5-6 hours
EC +-1200' elevation change
elevations 6200 ft (trailhead) to 7325 ft (lookout)
type double in and out
starting at junction of FR 620D and FR 620E
on trail 90% — FR 620D and FR 620E
rating "B"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost The club allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Sedona
Actual starting and maximum temperatures will be 5-10 degrees cooler than Sedona.
meet 7:00 AM within ¼ mile of the Stoneman Lake Road Exit from I-17. We will then convoy to the trailhead, which will provide us more coordinated arrival. Specific location of the convoy meet and directions to the trailhead will be provided in the hike briefings. High clearance vehicles safest choice.
•  North on I-17 to Stoneman Lake Road (Exit 306).
Turn right onto Stoneman Lake Road for the convoy meet (distance TBA).
Specific turn by turn directions to trailhead TBA (both pre-hike).

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