Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Superior Airport to Arnett Canyon Day Hike
when Trip Report : February 1, 2020
where Superior
the hike     We will drop cars at Picketpost Trailhead and then drive to the Superior Airport.
    From the airport, follow the Legends of Superior Trail markers to cross Queen Creek. Take the old road up to the mine, where we may find some Apache Tears.
    We will then take a path down into the area of Old Pinal Township. There is a small mine hole and an old foundation there. Next, we will visit an old cave with grinding holes and a beehive. From there, bushwhack up to the old road and go into the old mine area looking for tears. Then we will take the old road going right and down into Arnett Canyon. The last part will be a new segment of the Legends of Superior Trail, which takes us back to Picketpost Trailhead.
    People who want a longer day can turn around and hike back to the airport.
distance 5 miles or 10 miles
time 3-6 hours
EC minimal elevation change
elevations Superior Airport, Picketpost Trailhead
type one way, or out and back
starting at Superior Airport
on trail 90% — Legends of Superior Trail
rating "C"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost Sharing gas expenses with the driver.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Superior
meet 8:00 AM at Home Depot in Mesa on the southeast corner of Power and US 60.

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