Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Hunter Trail, Picacho Peak
when Saturday, March 13, 2021
where Picacho Peak State Park
the hike     Picacho Peak State Park is located about midway between Phoenix and Tucson. The Hunter Trail begins at the parking lot near the Saguaro Ramada. This trail has a lot of hard elevation gain. The initial part of the hike will involve climbing the North Slope to the upper saddle—about one mile with 1,000' of elevation gain. Beyond this point, a series of iron posts and steel cables are placed in areas where we will cross bedrock or where the pitch is particularly steep. It is highly recommended that you bring heavy gloves to grasp the cable handholds, especially on the way back down.
    The trail continues along the backside of the mountain and then begins to climb very steeply towards the peak. At some points, the trail becomes so steep that some Class 3 climbing is required, again with the aid of the provided steel cables. The last few hundred feet of the trail begins to switchback one last time until it finally tops out at the summit, with stunning views of the desert far below. We will stop for lunch and a well-deserved rest break on the summit.
distance 3.2 miles total hiking distance
time 3-4 hours
EC +2921'-3035' elevation change
elevations 1878' (Sunset Trailhead) to 3266' (Picacho Peak)
on trail 100% — Hunter Trail
rating "B"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs? no
cost $7 per vehicle for admission to Picacho Peak State Park. The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5/non-member.
weather Tucson
leader    Email the hike leader to confirm.  This hike is co-led by Vicki Reddick.
meet 8:00 AM at Hunter Trailhead.
drive From Phoenix, take I-10 East (actually, the direction is more southeast) 70 miles to the signed exit (Exit 219) for Picacho Peak State Park. We will need to check in with the Park Rangers near the entrance and pay $7 per vehicle. Hunter Trail is located at the southwest corner of the park’s Barrett Loop.

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