Arizona Trailblazers Hiking Club
Maricopa-Usery Pass-Pass Mountain Day Hike
when Trip Report : February 6, 2021
where Tonto National Forest
the hike     The Maricopa Trail has been extended from Lone Mountain Trailhead to Pass Mountain Trailhead. We’re going to hike from Lone Mountain Trailhead to the Usery Pass Trail. Then we’ll split up. Those preferring a shorter hike will turn right and go with me to Usery Pass Trailhead, then turn around and go back to Lone Mountain Trailhead the same way.
    Those preferring a longer hike will turn left and hike the Usery Pass Trail to its junction with the Pass Mountain Trail, then the Pass Mountain Loop. This adds 8½ miles to the hike, for total of 10½ miles.
    Either way you will enjoy the best of the Sonoran Desert!
distance 4 miles (round trip) or 11.1 miles (figure-6)
time 3-6 hours
EC +-400' (round trip) or +-1500' (figure-6) elevation change
elevations 2060' (Lone Mountain Trailhead) to 2590' (Pass)
type round trip or figure-6
starting at
Lone Mountain Trailhead 33° 30.285' N,  111° 37.000' W  [NAD27]
on trail 100% — Maricopa, Usery Pass, and Pass Mountain Trails
rating "C" (round trip) or "B-" (figure-6)      Rate yourself as a hiker.
dogs allowed no
cost The club allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Apache Junction
meet 8:00 AM at Lone Mountain Trailhead.
•  Take Loop 202 to Brown Road.
Go east on Brown Road to Ellsworth (light).
Turn left and go north on Ellsworth, which becomes Usery Pass Road. Follow it up and over the top and start down on the other side.
Lone Mountain Trailhead is on the right just past a hill.
If you get down to the Bush Highway you’ve gone too far.

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