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Massacre Grounds Day Hike
when Trip Report : February 3, 2018
  Trip Report : March 29, 2014
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  Trip Report : December 9, 2000
where Superstition Mountains
the hike     ... “Oh, no! We’re cliffed out in every direction but west, and renegade warriors are attacking us from the west! If we can’t hold out, the mules carrying our saddlebags of gold will be lost! What are we going to do, Capitán?”
    Fast-forward to the 21st century. The Massacre Grounds are peaceful now. They offer awesome views of the wilderness northeast of the Superstition Mountains. You can see the Massacre Grounds from the Apache Trail highway: a tilted mesa nestled up against the east side of the towering Superstitions. The way looks deceptively smooth, as if you could just casually walk up to the Massacre Grounds, or so they thought.
    History and legend come alive as we hike from Jacob’s Crosscut Trailhead to the historic and highly scenic Massacre Grounds! On the way we’ll enjoy the spectacular rock formations, vivacious Sonoran vegetation and wildlife north of the Superstition Mountains.
    Then on the way down we’ll bushwhack over to the Massacre Site Rock, which the fleeing Peralta miners reached, but didn’t leave.
    This hike is described in Footloose from Phoenix, by Ted Tenny, pages 124-131.
distance 6 miles
time 4-5 hours
EC +-1200' elevation change
elevations 2117' (Crosscut Trailhead) to 3082' (Massacre Grounds)
type figure-8
starting at
Jacob’s Crosscut Trailhead 33° 28.276' N,  111° 28.118' W  [NAD27]
on trail 70% — Massacre Trail up, abandoned dirt road and Crosscut Trail down
dogs? no
rating "C+"     Rate yourself as a hiker.
cost Sharing gas expenses with the driver.
The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Apache Junction
meet 7:30 AM at Home Depot in Mesa on the southeast corner of Power and US 60.

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