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Superstition Ridgeline Day Hike
when Trip Report : March 23, 2019
  Trip Report : March 10, 2018
  Trip Report : March 25, 2017
where Superstition Mountains
the hike     Superstition Ridgeline is ranked among the some of the most strenuous hikes in Arizona. This is not a beginner’s hike. We will be walking one of the great scenic wonders of Arizona. If you are afraid of heights, do not sign up. There are a couple of cliffs we have to go down to get to Siphon Draw. Helicopter rides off the ridgeline are extremely expensive. From this ridgeline you can see the Superstitions from the Salt River to Phoenix. The views are spectacular. If we have time we may stop at Flatiron on the way down. The sun will be setting at that time.
    I need at least 4 persons signed up by March 8. The most is 10, and I count as one of the 10. The group needs to be smallish to keep everyone on the faint trail. We start and end the hike in the dark, so a headlamp and flashlight are both required.
    Start from Carney Springs Trailhead and take the trail west up to Boulder Saddle, and then up and down the ridgeline to Siphon Draw. Lunch time will be around Superstition Mountain, so that may be our lunch spot. The route from Boulder to Siphon is 100% off trail, so bring long pants. We will have dinner at Goldfield Ghost Town and retrieve the cars at Carney Springs during or after dinner. Do not expect to get home before 10:00 PM.
    This hike is described in Superstition Wilderness Trails West by Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart, pages 173-179.
•  At least 4 liters of water
•  Hiking boots
•  Hiking poles
•  Hat, sunblock, sunglasses
•  Headlamp and flashlight, with new batteries
•  Lunch/sandwich/energy bars
•  Sunscreen
•  Camera
distance 14 miles, one way
time 14 hours
EC +-4000' elevation change
elevations 2,300' (Carney Springs Trailhead) to 5057' (South Peak)
type one way
starting at
Carney Springs Trailhead 33° 23.124' N,  111° 21.751' W  [NAD27]
on trail 10% — Siphon Draw & Carney Springs Trails
rating "A"   Rate yourself as a hiker. This is a very strenuous hike.
dogs allowed no
cost The group splits the $7 fee for one car at Lost Dutchman State Park. Sharing gas expenses with the driver. The club also allows voluntary contributions of $5 per non-member.
weather Apache Junction. If AJ is over 80 or thunderstorms, I will cancel this hike.
meet Before sunrise at Home Depot in Mesa on the southeast corner of Power and US 60. We’ll need one person to leave a car at Lost Dutchman State Park ($7). The group pays the fee.
•  Go east on US 60 to Idaho Road.
Turn left and go north on Idaho Road.
Turn right and go east on AZ 88.
At the road to Lost Dutchman State Park, turn right and leave one car at Siphon Draw Trailhead.
Return to US 60 and continue to Peralta Rd.
Turn left and continue to the parking lot for Carney Springs Trail.
Park at the trailhead and start the hike in the dark.

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