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Hiking the Granite Dells. [Ted Tenny photo]

Prescott: Groom Creek Trail
June 1998 Groom Creek Loop Oct 2006 Groom Creek Loop Oct 2012 Groom Creek Loop
Nov 2002 Groom Creek Loop Oct 2007 Groom Creek Loop Apr 2016 Groom Creek Loop
Sep 2003 Groom Creek Loop Oct 2009 Groom Creek Loop May 2017 Groom Creek Loop
Prescott: Granite Mountain
July 1998 Granite Mountain May 2001 Granite Mountain May 2012 Granite Mountain
May 2016 Granite Mountain
Prescott: Lakes
June 1999 Lynx Lake Camp Oct 2012 Watson Lake Loop Aug 2013 Goldwater Lakes
Oct 2014 Willow Lake Loop Dec 2013 Watson Lake Loop Nov 2014 Goldwater Lakes
May 2016 Willow Lake Loop Nov 2016 Salida Gulch May 2017 Goldwater Lakes
Oct 2006 West Spruce Trail Jun 2014 Oaks & Willows Apr 2016 Moscow Peak
Apr 2017 Wolf Creek Falls May 2017 Circle Trail
June 2001 Woodchute Trail May 2012 Woodchute Trail July 1999 Vista Point Trail
May 2010 Woodchute Trail May 2016 Woodchute Trail May 2014 Yaeger Canyon
Aug 2015 Gaddes Canyon

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