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Beaver Canyon Loop Day Hike
Mogollon Rim
June 10, 2017
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map
  GPS Map
Bill, Michael, Sandy, Debbie, Li, Andy, Heather, Janet, Cecilia, Rhonda
Debbie, Cecilia, Sandy, Andy, Janet, Michael, Li, Rhonda, Bill, Heather

Ten hikers left the meeting place at 6:30, and at 9:00 our boots were on the move. Initial shade and breeze made for a cool start. Perfect, it was our awaited escape from the valley heat.

In the beginning we navigated a steep slope, slippery with dry pine needles, to get down into the canyon. After crawling over some deadfall we were soon following animal trails. We passed an enclosure designed to keep the elk and deer out.

It’s a steep climb down into Beaver Canyon.
The walking is easier once we get down there.
Here’s how to get through a fence.

We entered an opening to a second enclosure, only to find we had to hunt for an exit. The sky was clear and blue. The temperature was great. The creek had an abundance of water holes. Debbie spotted an abandoned truck.

The walking is easy in this part of the canyon:
Somebody left a pickup here.

At Turkey Crossing we hiked up a road grade no longer in use. Above the canyon floor we stopped for lunch at “L”. If any hiker had issues we could execute plan “B” and head to “RX1”. No issues. Yeah!

Forest Giant.
It’s this way, folks.
Debbie made it to Turkey Crossing.
Let’s take a break.
The ground is so comfortable.

Bill led the group down a steep slope back to the canyon bottom. When asked why we are going down if we have to go back up later, Bill replied “Why not?”. Following more elk scat we continued north, looking for an exit.

A-down we go.
It’s real cool down here.

At “B9B/UP” we headed up. The exit was steep.

We’re on the home stretch now.
New growth pines.

On top we followed remnants of an old road back toward FR 300. New growth pines made finding the road a game of hide and seek. On two occasions a small group of elk crossed the road in front of us.

We stopped at Macky’s Grill for food and drink before returning to the valley.

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updated June 12, 2017