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Bulldog Canyon Day Hike
Goldfield Mountains
March 25, 2017
by Ted Tenny
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All together now, at Dome Mountain Trailhead
Joe, April, Mimi, Tom, Cindy, Rudy, Doreen, Lil, Vicki, KG, Barb, Roy, Carol, Tamar, Emma, Dave, Biljana, Ted

Eighteen enlightened Trailblazers set out from Dome Mountain Trailhead on a cool, cloudy morning. We took the Powerline Trail northwest to the Wolverine Pass Trail, which brought us north to Forest Road 10.

Teddy Bears and saguaros along the Wolverine Pass Trail.
The trail takes us back to Forest Road 10.
There’s a big dip in the road just before you get to the horse trail.
Yes, by gum, there is a sign at the north end of the horse trail.

The next part of our hike was through a junkyard and then north on an ATV road to get us to the horse trail. The horse trail ends at a tributary of Bulldog Canyon, where we procede west on the Bulldog Canyon Trail. This trail goes mostly on the south side of the canyon, with many fine views of the highest peaks of the Goldfields.

We caught a distant view of the Trumpet Arch on the lower slopes of Peak 3089 and a much closer view of the Mask Arches overlooking Bulldog Canyon. The slickrock section of the canyon is Miocene rhyolite, left there by volcanic eruptions 18½ million years ago.

Peak 3269 from the Bulldog Canyon Trail.  No one standing on the top this time.
Approaching the Pyroclastic Cave, ahead on a foliated hillside.

The folks doing the longer hike got ahead but waited for us. They took the trail west, back to Bulldog Canyon, while five of us went south through a wash to FR 10 and on back to the trailhead. Finally, the sun came out.

Special thanks to Tamar Gottfried for leading the hikers on the longer route. They must have arrived at Dome Mountain Trailhead just after we left.

Salt water taffy. (maybe not)
Idaho-Bulldog Arch.
This side road goes to a power pole.
Encelia farinosa - Brittlebush
The Fabulous Five, on Forest Road 10.
KG, Barb, Ted, Joe, Carol
Echinocereus engelmannii - Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus
See, the canyon is like stair steps. [photo by Tamar]
Tread carefully on your way down. [photo by Tamar]
Yes, we’re going to make it. [photo by Tamar]
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updated March 26, 2017