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Long Canyon Day Hike
April 22, 2017
by Ted Tenny
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Scott, Joe, Ted, Ralph, Carol, Mike, Heather

Long Canyon Trail #122 has been there since before the Earth Tracks hiking map of Sedona was published in 1988. It was the location of a Motorola Hiking Club jaunt led by Mike Wargel in 1998, but the Arizona Trailblazers haven’t been there since. So it’s high time!

Six stalwart Trailblazers met at I-17 & Bell, then a seventh joined us at the Giant gas station just east of Dry Creek Road in Sedona. On the way to Long Canyon Trailhead there were more cars at all the trailheads than we ever saw before, parked up and down the road. It was the same at Long Canyon Trailhead: no parking anywhere. We managed to squeeze in along either side of the road or on down the road, and finally started our hike.

Maroon Mountain
The maroon part of Maroon Mountain.
Helicopter tourists see the rock formations from above.

The lower part of the trail follows an abandoned road. Then it gets more interesting with lots of ups and downs (mostly ups, on our way out). The trail crosses the stream many times and offers spectacular views of the rock formations on both sides.

As always the group got separated, with fast hikers surging ahead and slow hikers lagging behind. Eventually the slow hikers turned back with the fast hikers going forward to the end of the trail. Heather arrived first at the sign marking trail’s end.

Rock of Ages.
Various layers of rock built up over geologic time.
Lupine flourishes beside a fallen log.
Spreading Wallflower. [photo by Carol]
Alligator Juniper.
A butterfly enjoys the blossoms.
New life grows out of the rocks.
Come on, have a heart.
The trail takes us by a red rock hillside.
Who says I have horns?
Red rock column rises above the trail.

It was a scenic hike on a popular trail. Interesting folks along the trail included a retired couple from Wisconsin who were touring Arizona in their camper and trailer. Ted met them first, then all of us met them.

After the hike Ralph drove back to Flagstaff, while the rest of us stopped at La Fonda on AZ 260 west of Camp Verde for a fine Mexican dinner. We got back to I-17 & Bell before sundown.

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updated April 27, 2017