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Peak 5630 and Passive Towers
October 7, 2017
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map
  GPS Map
Trailblazers at the Passive Towers
front:  Bill ,Tamar, Mohammed, David T., Li
back: Michelle, Michael, Terry, Dave M., Rebecca, Chris, Tom

Twelve hikers left the meeting place at 6:08, and at 7:00 we were hiking.

Bill had been to the panel towers on two previous occasions and wanted to share with the group. Following the dashed blue line (see National Geographic plot) was the plan.

Well, plans change. Following the easy contour, we soon were too far east. Changing direction and heading north, we entered a road at “RX6”. Once on the road, it was hard to get hikers to leave it and return to the bush.

Folks, let’s walk the road. [photo by Li]
Except for electrification, this is wild and woolly country. [photo by Bill]
Yes, by gum, there’s water around here. [photo by Bill]
Nice boulder. Now just stay right there until we all get past. [photo by Bill]
Better stay out. [photo by Bill]
Road to adventure. [photo by Bill]

The road was new for Bill. All was good. We had great view of the towers. The road led to a massive electrical substation. We followed the fence surrounding the station. When the road split, we headed west. The road connects with Queen Creak Canyon Road at “RX4”.

At “LR”, Bill and four hikers left the road for the bush. Instructions to the other seven who continued on the road were to pick a route they felt safe with and meet us at the towers.

Interesting but off-color, if you ask me. [photo by Mohammed]
Looks like a good place for a break. [photo by Tom]
The rocks are comfortable. [photo by Bill]

After the towers, Bill’s instructions were to follow his lead and stay together. The weather was good. It was windy and comfortable. Bill decided to extend the adventure and head farther north to “N1”. From there, following n52-n50-n48 route (see dashed red) appeared an easy descent. Wrong. Vegetation changes everything. Bushes with hands. They managed to tangle Bill’s radio to his hat strap and GPS. Bill placed his radio in a pocket after untangling. Pickpocket bushes. Radio lost.

Here’s where we climb to the top. [photo by Mohammed]
Are we there yet? [photo by Tom]
Made it to the top of 5630. [photo by Bill]
Bill starts to find a way down. [photo by Mohammed]
Industry on Parade. [photo by Bill]
That was great. Now let’s get back to the trailhead. [photo by Bill]
Are you sure you know the way? [photo by Bill]
Yes, let’s get down from here. [photo by Bill]

David T. found clearing and a route down. We were farther north than planned. At a scree-covered saddle we regrouped and made plans to traverse the hill.

Soon we spotted a road. Most followed an animal trail leading to the road. After brief break in the shade at “RX” we started walking the road back to our cars.

Eight hikers stopped at Dos Hermos for grub before returning to the valley.

Thanks to the other drivers, Dave M. and Chris A.

Distance 9.5 miles, +-2080 feet, 7.75 hours.

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updated October 16, 2017