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Schultz Creek Loop Day Hike
June 17, 2017
by Gabrielle McConnell
  GPS Map 
by Jim Buyens

Schulz Creek Loop hike is in a wonderful area north of Flagstaff. All 11 of us on this hike were glad to get out of Phoenix for the day, where the projected temperature was over 100°F. The club has done this hike just about every year for several years now, but it never ceases to be lovely. Each time we’ve done the hike, the mileage seems to vary. But this time, I was sure I had it figured out at just over 12 miles (what we did last year), but no, our actual mileage was 15.13. Oh well, the most important thing is that it was a fantastic day and everyone enjoyed the hike. This was a team hike in every sense of the word. While I organized it, Monika was sweep, Jim was the primary navigator out front.

We started the hike at 9:00 AM from the Schulz Creek Trailhead when it was 75°F, and the last one of us finished up at 3:50 PM when it was 88°F. Luckily the last 4 miles was mostly in the shade, with beautiful trees and wild roses.

We went counterclockwise. This was planned to do the elevation gain in the morning, while we were fresh and it was coolest.

Starting off on the Rocky Ridge Trail. [photo by Li]
Flagstaff from the Rocky Ridge Trail. [photo by Monika]
View up the trail. [photo by Bret]

We climbed up Rocky Ridge Trail to the Brookbank Trail. Partway up the Brookbank Trail we had the option to continue on the Sunset Trail, or go left on the Schulz Creek Loop. We opted to continue on to the Sunset trail. If we had turned left towards the Schulz Creek Loop, this would have been a 9 mile hike. Continuing to the Sunset Trail as we did resulted in the 15 mile loop.

Walking under the pine trees. [photo by Gabe]
Regrouping. [photo by Monika]

Up on the Sunset Trail the scenery was lovely with more open fields, grass and tall pine trees.

Large yellow butterflies were all over. [photo by Li]

It was a long hike and warming up, so we all needed to take a break. The group naturally split into two sub-groups. It all worked out fine and we took breaks along the way.

This tree will make a good bench. [photo by Li]
Let’s take a break. [photo by Li]
Hmmm, this seems like the right trail. [photo by Gabe]

After the hike, some of us went for lunch at the Taverna. We were all very hungry and the food was great.

Supplemental Report
by Jim Buyens

It was great seeing all of you on Saturday’s hike, and I hope you all had a great time. And Gabe, thanks especially to you for organizing this event.


Jim’s Hike Statistics
Total Distance:15.13miles
Starting Time:8:55AM
Moving Time:6:38hrs:min
Stopped Time:0:16hrs:min
Finishing Time:3:50PM
Avg. Speed Moving:2.3mph
Avg. Speed Overall:2.2mph
Starting Elevation:7,175ft
Minimum Elevation:7,128ft
Maximum Elevation:8,750ft
Total Ascent:2,025ft
Starting Temperature:75°
Finishing Temperature: 88°
[photo by Li]
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updated June 28, 2017