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Swing-Set Mine Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
March 11, 2017
by Bill Zimmermann
Bill’s   GPS Map 
Dave’s    GPS Map 
Michael, Mark, Michelle, Carol, Tom S., Monika, Ann, Debbie
Tom C., Lance, Gary, Kevin, Bill, Mohammed, Dave, Lil

Sixteen trailblazers joined in a third Trailblazer visit to the Swing Set Mine.

Three Subaru Foresters handled FR 177 without problems, but Kevin’s vehicle needed some rock rearranging on the way to the trailhead.

Not much of a road, if you ask me. [photo by Tom S.]

The sky was mostly clear. At 8:30 we were walking. Start on FR191, which soon turns into a trail. The trail was somewhat over-grown but quite manageable. Someone cleaned up the catclaw section. We could hear the roar of water flowing in Gold Creek in the canyon below us to the north. We had some shade, formed by the mountain ridge to our south. At “tx3” we left FR191 and headed up a hill to the mine. The road, loaded with manzanita, becomes less distinguishable each visit.

Gold Creek in the canyon below us to the north.
Wildflowers cheer us along the way.
Enjoying the view. [photo by Tom S.]
We get a distant view of Roosevelt Lake. [photo by Carol]
Let’s celebrate!

The mine pit was still open. One of the timbers had fallen in. We posed for a group picture with the extended shovel. After checking out the relic of a burnt-out trailer, we headed for the swing set.

Trailblazers gather at the swing set, still swingin’.
Hmmm, it looks all right from here. [photo by Lil]
Sure, I can climb on the bars.
What a delight!
Are you sure this project is shovel-ready?
[photo by Dave]
Who knows what we’ll dig up?
[photo by Mohammed]
Sure, the swing still works. [photo by Mohammed]
This is a big stretch. [photo by Mohammed]

Hooray! It was still intact! Vegetation had not over-grown the site from Bill’s last visit. We enjoyed the swings and the climbing bar. However, a failed weld had rendered the glider inoperable. Next time, self-appointed park superintendent Bill promised to bring hose clamps and heavy wire.

After lunch we enjoyed one last view of Roosevelt Lake before heading back down. At 1:30 we were back at the vehicles. We left for our 50-mile trip back to the valley and a mid-day food fest at the All American Grill in Fountain Hills.

All American Grill in Fountain Hills. [photo by Tom]

I estimate 9.0 miles, +-1930 feet vertical gain.

Thanks to the other three drivers: Dave, Ann, and Kevin

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updated March 14, 2017