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Telephone Ridge to Chevelon Creek
Mogollon Rim
July 7, 2018
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map 
Trailblazers on a log. [photo by Dave]
Michael, Dave, Andy, Bill, Monika

For Bill, the third time was the charm. Chevelon Canyon at last!

Five hikers left 89° valley temps at 6 AM. At 8:30 under sunny skies we started hiking Telephone Ridge, actually forest road 119. In about 2 miles we were at the trailhead. Near the top, the trail descended through oak forest. Soon we were fully exposed, no tree cover. It was steep. Loose dirt covered the rocks. It was hot. The thought of climbing back up … GRUNT.

Bill says “This looks like a good way down.”
Plenty of trees at the bottom.
Yes, this was a good way down.

Ferns and pine trees greeted us at the bottom. At the campsite near the creek Bill found what looked like a big round mushroom. Surprise, it was a painted rock. The creek was flowing. Dave spotted a huge fish. We set out exploring by following the creek southward. After two dry feet creek crossings, we returned to the campsite for snacks before exploring the creek to the north.

Dave walks through the ferns.
No fire today, Andy.
Stepping stones help Dave cross the creek.
All right, Michael and Andy, but watch your step.
Aw, do we really have to go back to the Valley of the Sun?

We decided to try a different route up. The sky was starting to cloud up. Great. Actually we had sprinkles. It was perfect for the assent.

Andy and Michael returned to the vehicles via the road. Bill suffering from “off trail withdrawal”. He convinced Dave and Monica to leave the road at “TR4” on a heading toward “N1”.

From the land of sky-blue waters. [photo by Dave]

We stopped at Mackey’s in Payson for grub before returning to the valley’s 110-degree heat

Thanks!  6.0 miles, +-1200 feet.

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updated July 9, 2018