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Col. Devin Trail Day Hike
Mogollon Rim
September 15, 2018
by Lin Chao Yen
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by Dwight Schaal
Our first group picture: Allan, John S, Rudy, Becky, Katherine, Lin, Dwight, Kimberley at the trailhead.

Eight of us Arizona Trailblazers arrived Washington Park, along with a few hundred Trail Runners, on this beautiful blue-sky Saturday morning. Wow! The Col. Devin Trail is a very nice trail and part of Arizona Trail, passage 26.

We hiked 7.71 miles, found the railroad tunnel, crossed the creek few times, met a big group of Boy Scouts out for backpack hiking, and saw many brave, tired Trail Runners.

Here are some highlights of the trip:

•  When we arrived at Washington Park, there was a sign that said “Washington Park, Pop 19”. We parked and changed shoes. Allan was using his app to find the trailhead. Something just did not look right, so we asked two people who walked with their dogs. They told us this is town of Washington Park, the trailhead we are looking for is on 32A. We needed to go back ½ mile and make left turn on 32A.
After we made a left turn on 32A, we faced a traffic jam. Lots of cars parked on the side of the road. There was traffic controller who directed us where to park. Are we really that late? Or is this trail really that popular? What’s going on here? To our surprise, there was an Arizona Trail running event going today at this park. They have aid station, food station, and toilets. Cool!
The Col. Devin trail is part of Arizona Trail. I had never hiked this trail before, so when I found out that Allan has hiked the entire Arizona Trail, I was relieved and gladly told everyone to follow Allan. Thanks, Allan. If you want to know more about the trail and history of this trail, please read Chuck’s trip report.
We found the railroad tunnel easily, because there was a brand new sign there. John suggested we should do the tunnel later because of the warm temperature.
While we were at General Spring Cabin for a break, we met a big group of Boy Scouts. They were ready for their backpack hiking.
Dwight was telling us that a few weeks ago, while they were at General Spring Cabin, there was a heavy rain and running washes everywhere, they saw a waterfall. It was a very pleasant day, so decided we will go and search Dwight’s waterfall on Fred Haught Trail #14. We found the location of the waterfall but no waterfall today.
The trail to the railroad tunnel was very steep and rough. Only Rudy, Dwight and Lin reached the railroad tunnel.
On our return to the trailhead when we had a mile to go, Allan suggested we take an alternate route, so we did. What a rewarding treat! We saw many waterfalls, lots of green ground cover, creeks running on both sides of the trail, and bridges. That was cool, very, very cool. Big thanks to Allan!
When we arrived at the trailhead, the Arizona Trail Runner organizer told us that a wildfire just broken out at Rim. He advised us “Leave here as soon as you can, before they block the road or you get stopped by the fire trucks.” So we jumped into our cars with dirty boots and sweat on our faces. We learned that the fire may have resulted from an off-road vehicle crash.
The after-hike dinner was awesome. We went to Ayothayo Thai Café suggested by Rudy. Great food, great service. Thank Rudy.
It was an awesome day with a great trail. Thanks to everyone for joining me on this hike! Big thanks to Allan.
The town of Washington Park. [photo by Lin]
What is going on here today? [photo by Dwight]
Special Event. [photo by Dwight]
Aid Station for AZ Trail Runners. [photo by Lin]
Everyone following Allan, the Orange Shirt guy. [photo by Dwight]
Here’s the pipe. It must be time to go. [photo by Lin]
On the up and up. [photo by Lin]
Creek crossing. [photo by Lin]
John S
Here John S. is leading. [photo by Lin]
Rudy and his newspaper. [photo by Lin]
It’s all uphill. [photo by Dwight]
What a view! [photo by Lin]
Our second group picture. [photo by Lin]
Allan is totally relaxing. [photo by Lin]
Snack break. [photo by Lin]
General Springs Cabin. [photo by Lin]
Time’s up.  Let’s hike to the waterfall. [photo by Lin]
No waterfall.  So we’ll take a break. [photo by Lin]
Boy Scout Troop. [photo by Lin]
This is the new sign. [photo by Lin]
RR tunnel, can you find Rudy? [photo by Lin]
A view from inside the tunnel. [photo by Dwight]
This is Arizona? [photo by Lin]
A flowing creek. [photo by Lin]
It’s so green here! [photo by Lin]
One of the bridges. [photo by Dwight]
A different bridge. [photo by Dwight]
Colorful Trail Runner. [photo by Lin]
Mushroom soup for dinner? [photo by Lin]
Our last group picture for today: Rudy, Allan, Kim, Becky, Catherine, Dwight, John S. [photo by Lin]
We’re back at the trailhead and ready to leave. [photo by Dwight]
Are you hungry? [photo by Lin]
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updated September 21, 2018