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Massacre Grounds Day Hike
Superstition Mountains
February 3, 2018
by Tamar Gottfried
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Tamar’s  statistics
All together now, we made it. [photo by Bill]
front: Nick, Jeannie, Biljiana, Joe, Bill
middle:  Emma, Monika, Terry, Mark, Michelle
back: Dave, Tamar, Becky, Yanis, Michael, Carol

A full to the brim group of Trailblazers left the Jacob’s Crosscut Trailhead at 8 AM on a brisk February morning as the sun was rising. We passed the old Massacre Grounds road, circled around and up the Wine Bottle and took a break to catch our breath at the top of the first and second big climbs. We continued onward, up a steep and slippery rock and finally up to the famous Massacre Grounds cliff.

We started at dawn.
Don’t worry.  We are’t going there.
Early morning shadows along the way.
Four Peaks cheer us onward and upward. [photo by Joe]
The Wine Bottle is a navigation landmark. [photo by Joe]
Northern Superstitions, from the Massacre Grounds trail. [photo by Joe]
The trail goes over high ground.
way way
Hmmm. This seems to be the way.
Our final approach to the Massacre Grounds. [photo by Joe]
Trailblazers at the Massacre Grounds.
Trailblazers at the Massacre Grounds. [photo by Joe]
Trailblazers at the Massacre Grounds. [photo by Joe]
Look before you leap.

We paused for a snack, warning everyone not to sit or peer too close to the steep ledge. With all hikers still intact, we took our group photo. We hiked down to the turnoff for the Massacre waterfall. Most of us went up to investigate the dry area which usually would have a nice raging waterfall this time of year. Tempted as we were to rock climb up to the Flatiron, we went back down to join the others and continue back.

Massacre Grounds, from the other side. [photo by Bill]
The cavalry has arrived. [photo by Bill]13_MG13P
rock rock
Massacre Site Rock.
Massacre Site Rock. [photo by Bill]

A little bit later, half of us ventured off trail in search of the Massacre Site Rock, while the rest continued on to the trailhead. We went up a hillside, down into a wash and up again and found a few likely candidates. Bill went up the rocks for a little exploring, but met us again soon after. We bushwhacked our way back through the nicely spaced vegetation and soft ground, and arrived at the cars only a little while later than the others.

The weather was nice throughout the morning, and it was a refreshing 6 miles with awesome views of our beloved Superstitions throughout.

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updated February 5, 2018