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Picketpost Mountain Day Hike
March 24, 2018
by Debbie Rowray
Hey, let’s get organized! [photo by Tom]

Our official group picture by Picketpost Mountain. [photo by Wayne]
Front row: John, Lin, Rebecca, Mohammed, Yanis
Back Row: Steve, Debbie, Darrell, Michael, Chris, Dave M, Tom, Janet, Ann, Carl, Wayne

Travelling Highway 60 East toward Superior, AZ, a mountain laden with jagged cliffs and a summit resembling a mesa peaks from beyond the Superstitions calling any adventure seeker. This mountain, Picketpost, peers in and out of view as one ventures closer, and as it beckons, one does not realize the intensity it shares until well into a climb surrounded by precipices and obstacles of mind-boggling scrambling. This mountain peers at the sky, and advises every hiker that this is NOT for the faint of heart.

Roaming through the Sonoran desert, with a sea of saguaros calling us forward, we made our way to the rugged mountain before us. The trail was hard to navigate in places, and much of the climb and decent was scrambling, bouldering, and navigating through slick, loose rock. As a team, we all assisted each other on the best and safest route to go.

Yes, we’re going up there. [photo by Tom]
Onward and upward. [photo by Wayne]
Backlit cholla says “Won’t you hug me?” [photo by Lin]

This mountain portrays every bit of what mountain climbing is about: both a mentally and physically challenging venture; one that utilizes ones limits of vertigo or a mental challenge of heights and exposure.

It’s a big climb. [photo by Tom]

Once to the summit, the 360 degree views were phenomenal, and many of us shared thoughts to place in the mailbox so well-known on this mountain.

We made it to the top. [photo by Yanis]
Looks like there’s some mail in here. [photo by Lin]

In addition, two very profound writings were shared, and the ambience was intensely wonderful; showing the camaraderie of our hiking group (thank you Janet, Mohammed, and Darrell). Michael also educated us on the history of this mountain, and its significance to the southwest.

Nice beadwork! [photo by Yanis]

A gila monster appeared, and a group of us wandered to another peak to try and find him. The view here was also astounding, and the path was jeweled with boulders, as if welcoming us to another unique adventure.

Descending the mountain was just a tough as the ascent, with many various paths, guessing which was the safest to touch flat ground again. Far below, the less treacherous path was visible, yet it seemed the mountain wanted to keep us with it, with so much loose gravel and pitch to conquer.

The rugged rocks of Picketpost Mountain. [photo by Lin]

Once back at the parking lot, we all stared back at the mountain to relish in what we had accomplished. What a wonder to bestow, after the pain-staking, but vivacious tour we were handed.

Thank you to my whole group for the team work, the support, the positive energy. 6.4 miles total with the second summit, 2011 feet elevation gain.

Once the hike was completed, some travelled home, while some gathered at Del La Cruz Mexican Grill for a much-earned reward of food and drink.

Thank you so much to Tom, Steve, and John for the carpooling!

This hike was unforgettable, and I cannot speak for the rest of my group, but very physically and mentally mind-boggling. Without you all, I could not have completed this hike. Now that all said and done, I want to do it AGAIN!

A quote from “The Dash,” by Linda Ellis, read on the summit:

“For it matters not, how much we own, the cars...the house...the cash. What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash.”
I believe ten-fold that on any given day, hiking with the Arizona Trailblazers, is a STUPENDOUS was to spend our dash.

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updated April 3, 2018