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Rim to Highline Day Hike
Mogollon Rim
August 18, 2018
by Ted Tenny
  Trail Map 
Arturo, Lin, Jeanne, and Ted at the Military Sinkhole Overlook.

Four fantastic Trailblazers set out from Rim Top Trailhead on a one-way hike to Two Sixty Trailhead. We enjoyed the best summer weather imaginable: 70° with a clear sky and a light breeze.

“They started to mark the Rim Lakes Vista Trail with blue diamonds, but ran out of them and started using gray,” Ted explained. Drivers waited for us as we crossed the Rim Road. The first part of the trail, which parallels Highway 260, was idyllic.

But change is in the air. They were logging south of Rim Top Trailhead in 2016, and now part of the Rim Lakes Vista Trail is a road. It leads to a new communications tower. Ted walked around trying to find the spot where he had taken pictures earlier, but finally just took a picture and left.

September 18, 2015
August 18, 2018

We enjoyed amazing overlooks along the Rim Lakes Vista Trail. Then we got to the Military Sinkhole Overlook, the finest of all. Another hiker took our group picture, then we began our descent on the Military Sinkhole Trail.

Although it looks like it’s going on down to the highway, the trail turns northwest and crosses a canyon before going on down to Two Sixty Trailhead.

What’s this?  A highway bridge without supports?  Civil Engineering 101.
One of many amazing overlooks on the Rim Lakes Vista Trail.
Just below the Mogollon Rim on the Military Sinkhole Trail.
I don’t bite, believe me.
Alligator Juniper gets ts name from the bark.
A mighty tree once stood here.
Greenstick fracture of a pretty big stick.

Raindrops started falling as soon as the hike was over. Ted drove everyone back to Rim Top Trailhead, and we all started home.

Summer wildflowers brighten our passage:
yellow blue
yellow red
yellow white
yellow red
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updated August 20, 2018