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Spur Cross Day Hike
Cave Creek
March 17, 2018
by Gabrielle McConnell
  GPS Map 
by Jim Buyens
Group picture [photo by Bill]
Left to right: Glen, Lisa, Laurie, Michelle, Carol, Yannis, Mimi, Bill Z, Jim, Kerry, Ramona, Mary, Roy, Patti, John, Gabe, Karin, Spencer, Jennifer, Dottie, Chuck, Billie, Joe, Marilyn, Steve, Susan

There were 26 of us who met at Spur Cross for this Saturday morning hike. Rather a large group, I guess we all just wanted to get out and enjoy Spur Cross on this fine Saturday morning. We decided to keep the group together, rather than split up. Jim B. was kind enough to take the lead position while I took ‘sweep’. The weather was fantastic, we could not ask for nicer hiking conditions.

The hike was 6 miles with several distinct types of terrain which made for a very interesting and beautiful hike. The Metate trail was through a thicket or ‘Arizona forest’. We walked through a little forest of overhanging trees and then came upon a watering hole.

Phoenix Forest.
Along the trail. [photo by John R.]
Along the river bed. [photo by John R.]

After the Metate Trail we started up hill on Spur Cross Trail and joined the Tortuga Trail. But not before seeing this most unusual creature, a porcupine dog. The owners explained that this ‘outfit’ on the dog will deter coyotes and other animals who intend ill will towards the dog. Now we know!

Porcupine Dog

The trail then merged with Dragonfly Trail and we walked along the river bed seeing large Cottonwoods and green grass.

This is the way, for sure. [photo by John R.]

Jim B. supplied the stats. Thanks to all who joined on this hike!

Jim’s Hike Statistics
Total Distance:5.91miles
Starting Time:8:17AM
Moving Time:2:20hrs:min
Stopped Time:0:25hrs:min
Finishing Time:11:03AM
Avg. Speed Moving:2.5mph
Avg. Speed Overall:2.1mph
Starting Elevation:2,350ft
Minimum Elevation:1,234ft
Maximum Elevation:2,604ft
Total Ascent:1,482ft
Starting Temperature:46°
Finishing Temperature:64°

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updated March 27, 2018