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Haunted Canyon Day Hike
April 14, 2019
by Tamar Gottfried
  GPS Map 
by Li Li

Seven hikers met on a Sunday morning and headed past Superior to Pinto Mine Road. We arrived at the trailhead a little dusty, but ready to enjoy the perfect weather.

We started on the 1.5 mile road to the actual Haunted Canyon Trailhead, passing a lone javelina and various water lines gushing water, and a water-filled creek.

At the ruins of a corral with a nice shaded fire ring, we passed through a gate onto to the actual trail. We immediately encountered gardens of wildflowers. After a few minutes, we began climbing to a ridge high in the canyon and after a bit of up and down (mostly up), we traveled down to the creek bed and began the first of our 50 creek crossings. The trail was fairly easy as it zigged and zagged across Pinto Creek, and we were grateful for the waterproof boots we all had.

Cholla salutes rock formations. [photo by Quy]
What a fine day for hiking! [photo by Li]
There were many water crossings. [photo by Li]
This water crossing is no problem for the Trailblazers! [photo by Quy]
Watch your step on those rocks! [photo by Tom]
Tamar shows us how it’s done. [photo by Tom]

One of our hikers turned back along the way, but the other six of us soldiered on until we finally reached the Tony Ranch and then the Tony Cabin. We had expected 5.5 miles to this point, but it was more than 6. We de-packed and took a nice long lunch break outside the cabin.

Six of us made it to Tony’s Cabin. [photo by Quy]
Quy, Heather, Tom, Terry, Tamar, Li
Quy, Heather, Li. [photo by Li]
Lots of vegetation by the water. [photo by Tom]
Quy finds a great picture spot. [photo by Quy]
The tree provides plenty of shade for Tom, Terry. [photo by Li]
This looks comfortable. [photo by Li]

Sadly it was time to start back, but the trip home seemed to go more quickly as I counted more than 27 creek crossings of this half. The trip up to the ridge did seem more difficult in the afternoon sun, but we kept going. The last 1.5 miles on the road really seemed long.

Sure, Terry can get across the water. [photo by Li]
Rounded cobblestones by the stream bed. [photo by Li]
Mostly up. [photo by Quy]
Tamar sweeps on the way back. [photo by Li]

We gladly shed our dusty boots and reached for comfortable car seats and cold drinks before starting for home. Everyone agreed that we couldn’t have picked a better Sunday for a nice jaunt through Haunted Canyon.

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updated April 18, 2019