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Crystal Point, Frog Tank Day Hike
Munds Park
July 13, 2019
by Gabrielle McConnell
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Trailblazers at Odell Lake. [photo by Dave]
back: Terry, Deirdre, Chris A., Gabe, Joe, Mark, Michelle, Chris E., Carlos, Heather O., Tom, Mary, Li, Michael, Dave
front:  Sylvia, Jim, Debbie, Mimi, Jahonda, Heather K., Lin
Dave flips the best pancakes!
[photo by Lin]

Munds Park has a lovely trail system that is very easy to access. It is a wonder we have not done more hiking in this area. We were a large group of 24 hikers (23 starting out, then joined by Marilyn at the Crystal Point Trailhead). This hike was also a weekend experience as many of the hikers stayed at Dave’s house on Friday night.

Some were lucky enough to have Dave’s pancakes for breakfast.

There were an additional 10 of us who drove up Saturday morning to meet everyone else at Dave’s house before 8 AM.

Getting organized before heading out involves a certain amount of sitting around and waiting while the Phoenix group drove up and then we get everyone signed in.

Let’s get organized. [photo by Tom]

This would be a one-way hike so early that morning Dave coordinated moving some cars to the hike end point.

The plan was to hike from Dave’s house to Crystal Point, then down the hill to Crystal Point Trailhead, then onward to Ironhorse Trailhead, with some of the hardy souls hiking onward to Janice’s Place.

The weather forecast was for a high of 84°, so we were all optimistic for coolish weather. Turned out the high was more like 89°.  Nevertheless, a great day was had by all.

By 8:30 AM we were organized and off. We started the hike right from Dave’s house, how convenient!

We headed across the street to Odell Lake, where we took our group picture. After the group picture we were officially off on the hike.

Now we’re off! [photo by Joe]
We had to walk a road. [photo by Tom]

We skirted the lake and then walked along the road a ways to pick up the trail. This avoided us trespassing on private property.

We were soon back on the trail and had some beautiful scenery.

The trail up to Crystal point is about 2.1 miles and well marked. There is significant shade due to the beautiful, large trees, and great views.

We’re back on the trail. [photo by Tom]
Great views along the trail! [photo by Joe]

After climbing for 2.1 miles we made it to the top. There was a log book to sign in, so Dave did the honors. We had a snack break at the convenient picnic table.

Snack break at Crystal Point. [photo by Tom]
That’s the spirit. [photo by Tom]
Group picture in front of the Crystal Point Marker. [photo by Lin]

When we reached Iron Horse Trailhead it had warmed up more than the predicted 84°, so some of us elected to end our hike here and wait for the others.

The car shuttle came and picked up those who ended their hike at Ironhorse Trailhead.

Overall it was a beautiful day for a hike in the pine trees. The temps were a bit warmer than anticipated, but still so very lovely. This is a hike we should do more often.

After resting up at Dave’s house, some of the group headed back to Phoenix, but a large group went out to lunch.

Thanks to everyone for making this a most enjoyable day!

Fun along the trail. [photo by Tom]
Enjoying a well-earned lunch. [photo by Lin]
Enjoying a well-earned lunch. [photo by Lin]
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updated July 22, 2019