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North Wilson Mountain Day Hike
November 2, 2019
by Quy Nguyen
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Wilson Mountain is named after Richard Wilson, who was killed by a grizzly in 1885. His body was found in Wilson Canyon, which is also named after him.

After some dropouts, we still have ten intrepid hikers.

Trailblazers ready to go at Encinoso Picnic Area, [photo by Quy]
Terry, Li, Neil, Bille, Kevin, Chris, Ramona, Debbie, Mary, Quy

There are two ways to hike up Wilson Mountain: one is from Midgley Bridge, the other is from Encinoso Picnic Area. The hike from Midgley Bridge is more exposed, more scenic, but the parking lot is tough to get a spot in if we arrive after 8:00 AM.

Two cars with seven hikers drove from Phoenix to the Encinoso Picnic Area to meet three more hikers.

This hike is rated strenuous because of the 2300' climb. It has awesome views. From the trailhead, the trail keeps going up and there are switchbacks. The trail is easy to follow, but rocky with some loose gravel. Some parts of it are in the shade but most are exposed.

We’re off! [photo by Quy]
What a beautiful day for hiking! [photo by Quy]
Fall color along the trail is our reward. [photo by Quy]

Fall color along the trail is the reward for climbing. At the first bench, one hiker didn’t feel continuing to hike up to Mt. Wilson. He decided to take it easy by sitting around and hiking back to the trailhead.

The trail is gradual, going up to Mt Wilson through gambel oaks and other forest trees.

Autumn leaves at their best!. [photo by Quy]
Debbie leads the way on this part of the hike. [photo by Quy]
Colorful cliffs on the way up. [photo by Quy]
Ah, the autumn leaves! [photo by Quy]
A friendly tarantula. [photo by Quy]
This must be the right trail. [photo by Quy]
The view out over Sedona. [photo by Quy]
Oak Creek Canyon, and we’re still on the way up. [photo by Quy]

At the top of Mt Wilson we decided to hike to the Sedona Overlook first and have lunch. After finishing lunch, we hiked to the North Canyon Overlook. We are stunned with the vertical drop of several hundred feet. After enjoying the view and taking pictures, we hiked back to the trailhead. Hiking down is as hard as hiking up.

Quy, Debbie, Li, and Mary are glad to be here. [photo by Quy]
The view from the top. [photo by Quy]
We made it to the top! [photo by Quy]
Neil, Ramona, Mary, Terry, Bille, Chris, Li, Debbie
Enjoying the North Canyon Overlook. [photo by Quy]
Peek-a-boo! [photo by Quy]
Hiking down is as hard as hiking up. [photo by Quy]
Hiking down is as hard as hiking up. [photo by Quy]

The hike is challenging, but absolutely amazing with a reward at the end plus scenic views of the canyon country such as Oak Creek Canyon, Sterling Canyon, Sedona etc., along the trail. In addition, the fall color was at its peak.

Fall color was at its peak. [photos by Quy]

Happy trails to all!

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updated November 4, 2019