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Picketpost Mountain Day Hike
November 3, 2019
by Debbie Rowray
Vicki, Neil, Debbie, Gail, Chris [photo by Vicki]
It was a beautiful morning as the highway began to show signs of Picketpost Mountain on the horizon. The mountain rises jaggedly above the earth, full of precipices and challenges unknown until one is well into the climb. Our group enjoyed much scrambling and hand-over-hand action to safely enjoy our quest.

Picketpost boasts many hoodoos and vertical escarpments surrounding all angles of its beauty. When climbing, the mountain almost engulfs you, and at times it is hard to decipher the best route. It is almost an obstacle course of scree, yet the mountain methodically drives one forward.

The reward at the summit is astronomical, with 360° views of The Superstitions, both Weaver’s and Miner’s Needle, and Four Peaks, along with the town of Superior 4,377 feet below.

Picketpost Mountain. [photo by Debbie]
Gail, Chris, Debbie, Michael, Neil. [photo by Debbie]
Gail, Chris, Vicki, Michael, Neil. [photo by Debbie]
Gail, Neil, Debbie, Chris, Michael. [photo by Vicki]

The infamous mailbox is full of reminiscent refections of life, insight, and sentiment. Picketpost’s plateau is much more abundant than it appears from its base: it is quite massive; with alternatives to venture across to the true peak where I have been advised a Gila Monster resides.

Gail, Debbie, Neil, Vicki. [photo by Chris]
Gail, Debbie, Chris, Neil, Michael. [photo by Vicki]
Gail and the mailbox. [photo by Gail]
View from the top. [photo by Vicki]
Vicki made it! [photo by Vicki]
While diligently triumphing over the boulders climbing down, the Arizona Trail is visible to the southwest, and over time the more level part of our trail becomes obvious. This day, there were new arrow markings for us to follow, yet on the decent it seemed largely boulder-packed in comparison to other times I have conquered this mountain.

Once this astounding hike is achieved, one can enjoy a gander back at the recent accomplishment and literally gasp in awe.

Every year I try to lead this hike. Not sure why, exactly. Maybe it is because this mountain is slightly intimidating. Maybe it is because every time I climb and descend it, things are slightly different. There are no definite promises of a trail on this excursion. Personally, Picketpost is one of my all-time favorite hikes. It is relentless, spectacular, and unforgettable!

6 miles, +-2000' elevation change

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updated November 9, 2019