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Wave Cave Day Hike
Superstition Mountains
February 10, 2018
by Michael Humphrey
David M, Doreen, Katie, Michael H, Kari H, Deborah, Darrell, Linda, Barb, Lin C, Teresa

Eleven Trailblazers have decided to hike in the Superstitions. We will car pool to the Lost Goldmine Trailhead for our hike.

There’s the cave, but I don’t see any trail.

There are other trailheads we could use, but this is a large lot that few persons use. Depending on the map or person you talk to this is the Wind or Wave Cave of the Superstitions. When we get there you can see why most people call it the Wave Cave.

It looks like a wave in the rock.
A big saguaro on the slopes.
The trail is a little tricky to follow; after going through the fence into the Wilderness take all left junctions. From the Wilderness boundary you can see the dark spot that is the cave, up on the side of a gulley, just below a cliff face. I know where I am going, so this is an easy trail for me, we pick up a few persons along the way who are trying to get lost. This is not a named trail that the Forest Service maintains, so there are spots where the trail is faint.

The views are great as you slowly gain elevation. We slowly get around the ridge that masks the Wave Cave from view. Just need to go down the gulley, up the other side and into the cave. This cave is fairly deep, with small water seeps in the back.

Do not swat the bees that are there to pick up water! We take a group picture of us riding the wave. The views from the front of the cave are spectacular.

Let’s ride the wave!
There’s nothing funny going on here.

We have our snack here and then it is off to the group’s next adventure.

Let’s ride the wave some more!

On the way back we stop at the Dacite Cliffs. There is a small cave here that is blocked off so the bats have a place to stay. There are also small water seeps, but this is so close to the trailhead that they are not used.

Hikers take a break by the Dacite Cliffs.

It’s getting warm, so it is time to get back to the car. When we get back, an artist has set up her canvas and is painting the Superstitions. This is an easy 8-mile hike with not much elevation change.

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