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Barnhardt Canyon Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
January 11, 2020
by Quy Nguyen
  GPS Map 
by Lin
Trailblazers gather at Barnhardt Trailhead. [photo by Lin]
front:  Tom, Lin, Li, Quy, Vicky R.
back: Nancy, Ralph, Terry, Mark, Gail, Michelle, Billie, Amy K., Ramona, Neil, Kevin, Vicky J.

The FR 419 to trailhead usually is mostly flat, a little bit bumpy, and very muddy if there is rain. This time we’re lucky, even there was rain on Thursday night. The road is still bumpy, a bit rocky but dry, not muddy at all.

Full moon over the Mazatzals. [photo by Ralph]

From the trailhead we walk a short distance on a rocky trail. The trail continues gradually going up with some switchbacks. We see snow along the trail. As we climb up a hill, the plants, rock formations, and scenic views are very interesting. There are also several small waterfalls, and icicles that we can see along the trail.

You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. [photo by Quy]
Cactus growing out of the rocks. [photo by Vicky]
Colorful views on the way up. [photo by Quy]
They’ve had an ice storm here. [photo by Quy]
Brrr! [photo by Quy]
Icicles form when rain freezes. [photo by Quy]
The ice doesn’t stop moss from growing. [Quy]
... or lichens. [photo by Quy]

The trail is covered by snow and ice when we hike higher. We walk slow and watch our steps.

hikers hikers
Hikers celebrate on the way up. [photos by Li]
Let’s take a break. [photo by Tom]
Snow in the Mazatzals. [photo by Quy]
Snow in the Mazatzals. [photo by Quy]
Snow on the trail. [photo by Ralph]
Snow and ice on the trail. [photo by Li]

Everything is fine when everyone gets to a seasonal waterfall. Some climb over boulders on the creek to get closer to main waterfall. Some decide to turn back. They will not go to the waterfall because big rock, the boulders are so slippery.

We haven’t far to go. [photo by Tom]
Made it to the falls. [photo by Tom]
The falls are flowing freely. [photo by Quy]
Quy at the falls. [photo by Quy]
Right in the kisser. [photo by Ralph]
The boulders are slippery. [photo by Ralph]
How did you get up there? [photo by Vicky]

At the time we hike down, the trail is still shaded. A little sunshine is over the mountain.

On the half way down, one hiker falls and gets an injury on her hand and her wrist. Another hiker knows well about medicine, to apply compression wrap and elevate the wrist above heart level. Another hiker volunteers to carry her backpack.

Even she feel painful on her hand, she keeps her attitude positive and tries hard to walk back to the trailhead.

In the evening, she updates her condition: “I broke my arm. The break is about an inch below the wrist, straight down from the thumb. They put a splint on at the hospital. I have to go see the ortho doctor for casting.”

Everyone hopes she will recover fast and be back hiking soon.

Grin and bear it, until you get to the hospital. [Li]

Thanks to all for coming to join my hike.

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updated January 15, 2020