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First Water to Canyon Lake
Superstition Wilderness
January 5, 2020
by Tamar Gottfried
  GPS Map 
We all met at the trail junction. [photo by Quy]
front:  Quy, Tamar, Dylan, Keith , Sirous, Michelle, Deirdre, Li, Nancy, Julie
back: Mark, Chris, Tom, Kevin

15 Trailblazers met early on a Sunday morn and split into two groups, traded four cars, and headed to two different trailheads. Deirdre valiantly led a team of 8 from the Canyon Lake Marina and the other 7 of us left from First Water.

We had heard that the Superstitions were overflowing with water, but the water crossings were all manageable. Even at La Barge, no shoes were dunked.

See, you can get across the water. [photo by Tamar]
Trailblazers before Geronimo Head. [photo by Tom]
Li takes advantage of stepping stones. [photo by Tom]
He leadeth me beside the still waters. [photo by Tom]
Let’s talk this over. [photo by Debbie]

The group from First Water moved swiftly across the first water filled wash and up to the Garden Valley, past the Black Mesa turn off and ruins, through second water and met the other group somewhere between the Boulder Canyon junction and the first big water crossing. They backtracked a bit so we could all enjoy a snack and a photo together at the water’s edge.

Starting from Canyon Lake. [photo by Debbie]
front:  Julie, Quy, Nancy
back: Sirous, Keith, Debbie, Chris
Yum! [photo by Tom]

We then exchanged keys and parted ways. Our group slogged up the hill towards the lake and made it to our destination in good time, having shared perfect weather, great views, and a nice Sunday stroll. The First water group enjoyed a nice, but nippy lunch at the marina on the patio, gazing at the water. Next on the agenda, shower and nap.

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updated January 10, 2020