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Fossil Springs Day Hike
February 15, 2020
by Tamar Gottfried
  GPS Map 
Trailblazers at the falls. [photo by Li]
front: Li, Tom, Neil
middle:  Vicky, Tamar
back: Carolyn, Billie, Kevin, Ken, Terry

Ten Trailblazers met and shuttled to the Fossil Springs Trailhead. The usual sign about the road closure beyond the trailhead was up, momentarily alarming us, but the gate was open, the unpaved road rutted but drivable, and we arrived to find the parking lot practically deserted.

We started the trail, microspikes in packs, expecting to see some snow or ice. While there was a bit of ice and small patches of snow to the side of the trail, the most slippery substance we encountered was mud. One of our hikers did slip and fall, but, strong trooper that she is, she hiked down even with an expanding shin hematoma.

Tom. [photo by Li]
Carolyn, Li, Terry. [photo by Tom]
Ken, Carolyn, Li. [photo by Tom]
Carolyn. [photo by Tom]
Li, Carolyn. [photo by Tom]
Onward! [photo by Li]

We reached the creek and found it a little more slippery than usual, but crossed and made our way to the Spring after a short break. We then continued on to the dam and had our lunches. Only 2 or 3 other parties were there, a large difference from the crowds that will be there in a couple months.

Let’s stop on the bench and rest. [photo by Li]
Tamar prefers a log to sit on. [photo by Li]
You see, it’s like this. [photo by Tamar]

After lunch we explored the Flume Trail, going the other way for a bit, but decided to turn around before we went too far in the wrong direction. The hike back up was, as usual, a bit of a challenge as 1000 feet in elevation gain is achieved in the first 1.5 miles.

Carolyn isn’t not getting her feet wet. [photo by Li]
Here’s a cute little waterfall. [photo by Li]
Plenty of water in the creek today. [photo by Tamar]
THAT Brewery. [photo by Tom]

We reconvened at the top and made our way to THAT Brewery for 2nd lunch. We were pleased with the empty trails, beautiful sunny weather and great company of the day.

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updated February 22, 2020