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Kendrick Peak Day Hike
June 13, 2020
by Mary Greenwood
Ralph, Vicki, Kevin, Li, Mary, Jamie, Julia, Tom, Janet

The Trailblazers had another beautiful day as we climbed a scenic mountain! Most of the group met at the Target parking lot by 8:30 AM and then traveled north on the Snowbowl Road to FR 193 to the trailhead, about 40 minutes away.

Tom, Li, Vicki, Julia, Vicki, Jaimie and Mary were met by Ralph and Kevin at the trailhead. After reminders about social distancing, hydration, and rest, the group began the well-marked, moderate up slope trail, climbing 2,700+ feet over 5 miles through several riparian zones to reach the top, elevation of 10,418 feet. The group included about 6 who hiked faster and then 3 of us who held up the back. I like the idea of leading from behind.

Tom and Janet on the summit.
Li at the cabin door.
The trail included patches of yellow, purple and other wildflowers, as well as green verdant grasses, Ponderosa Pines, firs, aspens, and other trees. Initially the trail begins with a long section of easy trail and then feeds into the first of several switchback sections, the first consisting of somewhat open, red dirt pathways. At about 2 miles, there is a distinct change in the landscape and the trail begins to climb through some rocky areas and up the mountainside. The next long switchback section includes tall greenery, rocks, trees and a narrow path that hugs the side of the mountain.

The group rested at the end of one of the switchbacks before making the final ascent to the top which is marked by a fire tower (closed). It was breezy in the first few miles up Kendrick Peak, but after our rest stop as we approached the saddle, the wind gusts were quite strong. The saddle sits just below the top and is the site of an old Forest Service cabin no longer in use and locked. The Kendrick Peak trail meets up with the Bull Basin Trail near the cabin and is currently open. The Kendrick Peak fire in 2017 left a very burnt, scarred landscape on the back side.

Mary at the lookout cabin.
Ralph takes the trail in stride.
hikers hikers
Trailblazers on the way down.

Eight hikers made it to the top, though their fearless leader did not. I chose to stay by the cabin because I was simply too sleep-deprived, thanks to my new Irish Doodle puppy! The group reported it was especially windy at the top, but they enjoyed amazing views on all sides.

The pictures tell the story and demonstrate just how creative Trailblazers can be in posing for the group pictures. No one boring in this group!

Wildflowers cheer us on the trail.

While it usually helps to begin a mountain climb early in the morning, we began at around 9:15 AM and found that with a breeze and later wind, the temperatures were great! It took the group with rest stops, lunch, etc., about 5 hours total. The trail is well maintained and marked. I encourage anyone looking for a climb that is steady and tough, but with rewards of great views at the top to make the trip to the trailhead and climb Kendrick Peak!

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updated July 4, 2020