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Telegraph Pass Day Hike
South Mountain
December 20, 2020
by Chris Everett
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by Tamar Gottfried

We started at the Desert Foothills Parkway Trailhead. There were eight of us on this hike. Two of the hikers arrived at the trailhead a little later. We started up the very steep trail of Telegraph Pass. It was a little cold, but we all quickly warmed up by the top of the Pass.

We got a call telling us the other two had arrived and would try to catch up. We proceded up the National Trail on the ridge. Then we proceded down the Ranger Trail to the Las Lomitas Loop. We stopped at the Las Lomitas picnic area to take a food break 4.4 miles in. At this point the other two hikers caught up with us.

The colors of South Mountain. [photo by Quy]
A fine view of Phoenix! [photo by Li]
We saw petroglyphs in the way up. [photo by Quy]
Tom Debbie
Tom, and Debbie. [photos by Li]
Tamar, Debbie, Michael, Chris, Kelley. [photo by Quy]

Then we proceded to the Kiwanis Trailhead, then, still on the Las Lomitas Loop, down to Box Canyon. It was time to start up the Holbert trail. It was very steep and long, but had very spectacular views. We stopped and took another break at Dobbins Lookout Trail.

After everyone was rested, we finished going up the Holbert trail. Then we went across the National Trail by the towers. The trail came very close to the towers. When we finally got over to the top of Telegraph Pass, we took a short break before going back down.

The road makes its way up to the towers. [photo by Quy]
Tamar, Debbie, Li, Kelley. [photo by Tom]
Michael, Chris, Kelley, Debbie, Quy, Tamar. [photo by Li]
On the downgrade. [photo by Li]
Kelley. [photo by Li]

When we finished, the hike ended up being 11.5 miles instead of 10. No one seemed to mind. It was a tiring hike, but well worth it.

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