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Top of the World Car Camp
May 22-25, 2020
by Michael Humphrey
Tom, Kevin, Michael, Chris, Debbie, Tamar, Li, Yanis, Vanessa. [photo by Lin]

We have eight Trailblazers doing the camping trip, plus two that decided to check out the place.

Kevin, Michael, Debbie, Tamar, Tom, Li

This camp site has a swing and nice flat areas to set up the tents. There is a nice area on the creek to take a shower after a hot sweaty hike. The first day is gertting everyone pack set up and doing a short check out hike. Haunted Canyon to Paradise and back to camp. Both of the trails run though pine forests with bountiful views of the Superstition Mountains.

Top of the World!

At the top of the trails, before we go down Paradise, there is a nice saddle the we take a group picture of the persons camping. The Paradise Trail goes though a very bountiful forest, with little creeks running through it. This is a very steep trail, but well-marked. None of these trails was touched by the Bush Fire. We then continue down the trail back to our camp site.

Roughing it, Trailblazer style.
Pinto Creek runs next to our camp site.
Kevin brought his telescope to look at the stars.
Lin decided to try the swing.
Others just rested in their chairs.
This sign is in pieces, because of the fire.

This is a dark area so he could see Jupiter, planets, and stars.

The next day was to hike over to the eastern parts of the Superstition Mountains and hike up Cuff Button Trail #276. We got there, but the sign was burned and on the ground.

We moved the two pieces of the sign together, but the middle of the sign was gone. We continued on Cuff Button for a while, but the trail was very hard to follow and all the trees were gone. The trail was kind of depressing, so we returned to the West Pinto Creek Trail.

Don’t even think of it.

This trail still has its trees and water. We had lunch beside the creek and then returned to camp. Some of us lay down on an air couch I had brought.

This is the life!

It was then time to get some of the grime off of us. so we went to the waterfalls.

How about a cool, refreshing shower?
Let’s get our feet wet.

There was a frog here to welcome us to its swimming hole.


This is a nice camping spot next to the Miles Trailhead, but you have to know how to get to it. It is off the beaten path.

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updated December 27, 2020