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Solders Trail Day Hike
August 22, 2020
by Ted Tenny
  GPS Map 
Hikers ready to start at Soldiers Trailhead. [photo by Li]
front:  Li, Carol, Randall, Gabe
back: Tom, Ted, Jane, Michael, Jill, Mike, Kevin, Ramona, Marilyn

This was the first hike I’ve tried to lead in 2020. Thanks to all of you for making it a success! I spent the first part of the year recovering from rotator cuff surgery in my right shoulder. It was tough not being able to hike until May. And then I had to get myself in shape.

Mike, Jill, and Marilyn went with me. Everyone else went with Michael Humphrey on the longer hike.

The four of us started south on the trail, went through a civilized section, a frisbee golf course, and a railroad grade before reaching the low point of our hike near Black Spring.

Pine tree growing out of a stump.
Old railroad grade.

Then we climbed past the ampitheater and walked through a sparse forest with distant views of the San Francisco Peaks. We walked by fences on the west and north sides of the park, met the other group, and reached our high point before beginning a long descent to a campground.

Distant view of the San Francisco Peaks.
Here come the other hikers!

Wildflowers cheer us:
white purple
brown yellow
pink blue
red yellow

Lichen is a symbiotic community.
Wasp dragging a caterpillar.
The soldiers Trail braids.
Racing, anyone?
The insects around here are boring.

They’ve re-routed the Soldiers Trail on the north side, so it dips down to the south and then goes back north. We went straight across. Soon we were back at the trailhead.

Supplemental Report
by Li Li

Thank you for organizing this wonderful hiking! Thank you, Michael, for leading the long version of the hike so we could enjoy a longer walk in the beautiful woods! Thanks, Tom, for driving and keep a pleasant conversation in a long drive! It was a great pleasure to see many people on this hike! These are a few pictures that I took and wish to share with everyone.

It grows on you like a fungus, [photo by Li]
Horned Toad joins us on the trail. [photo by Li]
Merrily merrily, down the trail we go. [Li]
Carol is having a good time. [photo by Li]
Michael checks our exact location. [photo by Li]
Let’s talk this over. [photo by Li]
Kevin, our Statistician. [photo by Li]
Tom. [photo by Li]
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updated August 23, 2020