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Brush Spring Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
September 28, 2011
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map 
Herm, Bill, and Gary at the Log Corral Trail.
We found a majestic saguaro.

Herm and Gary joined me on my second adventure down FR3456. Last February I hiked it to the ridge over looking Bartlett Lake at Log Corral.

This trip was to be a loop hike (see green dotted trail on the GPS map).

We left meeting place at 6:30 AM to beat the heat. Sycamore creek was dry until we missed the turn at “01”. While concentrating on dodging the willows and the creek we failed to visit our GPS. From “01 to “03” the road is narrow with steep canyon walls passable to only to the most jacked up jeeps.

At “03” we headed up Brush Canyon. Unlike last February the canyon was dry. Soon after “B3” and dried-out cattails the canyon opened out. Herm sawed our way thru thickets allowing us to leave the wash and follow our GPS to the spring.

Menodora scabra – Rough Menodora
Saguaros and cattails reach for the sky.
Don’t the bugs need a hammock to rest on?
This summer weather is for the birds.
O.K., Bill, Where’s the fire?
    We wandered about but could not find the spring. Re-entering the wash, we continued until “B6”. There we were greeted by the ripping noise of two F16s ’way too fast for my shutter. And at that point we decide bail on the loop. Heat with no breeze and the lack of tree cover culminated our decision.

On our return trip we unsuccessfully tried to find the source of the back (dry) water hose that crossed the wash. At “03” we headed west to destination “C” and a 20-plus-arm saguaro cactus. This portion of the road was very pleasant with ample shade, great tree cover and a trickle steam from Log Corral Spring.

After a several tries for a group picture at the cactus we returned to the vehicle for a cold beer.

They don’t call it Brush Canyon for nothing!
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