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Deadman Mesa Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
May 28, 2011
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map 
Andy, Gary, Eileen, Bill, Quy, Ed, Olga, Rob

STRIKE TWO. Bill’s second attempt to lead a hike on trail #17 down to the Verde River was a token success. Unlike the event last October we DID find the start of FR 591. After a pre-hike up the hill we decided the road was too rough for both vehicles. We ruled out a shuttle based on time, so decided to hike FR 591 to the trailhead.

Quy, Ed, Andy, Olga, Rob: downhill
Ed, Gary, Quy: uphill
prickly pear

The road was loaded with silver as Eileen and Gary each found a dime. Rob spotted a dear. Bill’s Tank was empty. We had clear skies and a nice breeze.

Shortly before we reached FX4 we had great views of the lower portion of the mesa and Deadman’s Tank. We continued down until Bill’s GPS said we were at the trailhead. The group found a nice shade tree and unpacked for lunch as Bill and Eileen did a little independent exploring.

Cattle Pen at Trailhead
Gateway to High Adventure
Eileen, Andy, Gary
FOUND IT. Bill let out a few whoops and requested the group to move another 50 yards and finish lunch in the shade of the REAL #17 trailhead.

Deadman’s tank was dry. The breeze picked up and we were accompanied by a nice tailwind for the uphill hike back. (totals: 12.5 miles, +-1870')

We stopped at Buffalo Wing’s in Payson for supper and Bill surprised Ed with a candle-lit “cow pie” and the group sang happy birthday.

Trailblazers on Deadman Mesa [photo by Rob]

Next time: High Clearance, 4x Drive – and occasional road building – ought to do it.

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