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Sycamore Rim Day Hike
Mazatzal Mountains
January 20, 2013
by Bill Zimmermann
  GPS Map
  GPS Map
Eugene, Peter, Quy, Bill, Lori, Eileen

Bill, Eileen, Quy and Eugene left Leisure World to meet Peter and Lori at SR87 and Bush Highway. We left Peter’s vehicle at the Otero Canyon exit before all six piled into Eileen’s vehicle and headed to milepost 212.

“Sure you can get under that fence, Bill?” [photo by Quy]
Your turn, Eugene.       [photos by Eileen]       Bill’s rock-hop.

Clear skies greeted us as we started hiking a dry Sycamore Creek. After we passed point “S0” the creek bed narrowed. Water-hopping and reed-dodging began. We were able to keep our feet dry as we looked for an opening to ascend steep slopes to the west.

Leaving the creek, we head for the ridgeline. [photo by Quy]
Teddy bears point the way to the Dos S Ranch.
Close-up view the Dos S Ranch.
Artistic tree on the ridge. [photo by Peter]
    At “S” we left the creek. It was thick. After we cleared the brush we faced a step climb. For the first thirty feet we proceeded slow and careful as loose rocks awaited our hand and foot holds. We were treated to great views as we reached a high point at “S2”.

We continued westerly looking for a place to cross a major wash that feeds the creek. After crossing, we headed up to Peak 2911 for snack break.

From 2911 we followed the ridgeline to “S8”. The creek below was big wide and dry. We cancelled our plans to hike peak 2768 ducked under the fence at “FX” and proceed to the Dos S Ranch. Before reaching the ranch we climbed what looked like a protective berm. The ranch appeared vacant. After the ranch we passed a dead skunk as we headed up on an old road. At “D2” we left the road and returned to the creek. We soon got to practice our water-mud dodging skills.

Eugene, Lori, Quy, and Bill lead the way. [photo by Eileen]
Sycamore Creek from the ridgeline.
Eileen, Eugene, Bill, Lori, Peter, Quy

At one point on Bill’s command we paused for fifteen seconds of quite to listen to the trickle of the stream. Refreshing. Soon the air was filled with boom box music and the roar of an ATV as we approached Peter’s vehicle.

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