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Kendrick Peak Day Hike
July 25, 2015
by John Seifert
  GPS Map 
by Jim Buyens
Jim, John M., John S., Sana, Edith, Quy, Singh, Lin, Rudy, Mary, Gary, Al.
[photo by Michael]

The Kendrick Peak Hike begins as many other Northern Arizona hikes with the Arizona Trailblazers carpooling from the Valley to Flagstaff then onto the trailhead to start the hike. Thirteen hikers signed up for the Kendrick Peak hike on July 25, 2015. Most of the hikers are members of the club with many hikes already completed together. We were glad to welcome Mary to her first hike with the Arizona Trailblazers.

This was my first hike as a trip leader and I was anxious about leading the hike up Kendrick Peak. Worried about the details and not having hiked this mountain before, I did an exploratory hike a week earlier to have a better understanding of the hike and its challenges. Hope all goes well for the hike.

Getting to Kendrick Peak trailhead is pretty easy, just drive north on SR 180 towards the Grand Canyon then turn onto and continue on the unpaved but well graded and maintained forest roads to the trailhead. At the trailhead you will find ample parking and a one hole backcountry toilet, but no water!

We all arrived at the trailhead about 10:00 AM and after a few bathroom breaks and a group picture we started our long uphill hike to the summit of Kendrick Peak. For those that started the day in the valley, they already gain about 6,500 feet elevation already with another 2,700 feet elevation more to the summit, an arduous effort before us.

Kendrick Peak Trail is a great Northern Arizona hike. The weather is nice, probably in the 70s, but sky is slightly hazy due to some prescribed burns and a lingering forest fire. The trail is well groomed and maintained. Almost immediately you begin to see the summer wildflowers along the trail.

Wildflowers were abundant after recent rains. [photos by Quy]

The trail relentlessly climbs through the forest and soon there are vistas of the surrounding mountains and landscapes. Soon the peak of Kendrick’s is visible and there is a glimpse of the fire watch tower.

What magnificent mountains! [photos by Quy & John S.]

At this point in the hike, the hikers from the Valley are now feeling the effects of the high elevation and long uphill climb. They did start at about 1,000 feet elevation and now are nearly 10,000 feet elevation. No wonder some are slowly climbing and are deeply breathing trying to absorb that rarified air with so little oxygen.

The old lookout cabin is historic and well maintained. [photo by John S.]
Bunk in the old lookout cabin is ready for a weary hiker. [photo by John S.]

Finally, the lead group reaches the saddle and the Old Lookout Cabin. The lagging hikers soon catch up. The Old Lookout Cabin was built in 1911 and is in excellent condition considering its age. It has a couple of bunk beds, metal storage box, a wooden table and a few artifacts from a previous era. It is clean and ready for an over-nighter for hikers needing shelter.

Lunch on the top of the world. [photo by Quy]
    This was a good time for taking a brief rest and to eat lunch or snacks before making the final ascent to the Fire Watch Tower. Since I visited the fire watch tower the week earlier, I decided not to go to the summit this time. The tower is staffed by a full-time ranger during the week and by volunteers during the weekends. This is a very important job in the west because of the high fire potential in this dry ponderosa pine forest.

I hauled up a token gift of freshly baked cookies from a very good bakery in Flagstaff, Sugar Mamas. I entrusted this valuable cargo to Rudy to deliver to the ranger on duty. The group made this last ascent to the fire tower and the top of Kendrick. They were rewarded by 360 degree view of the surrounding forests and mountains. The trailblazers celebrated their accomplishment on the helipad next to the fire tower. It was quite an accomplishment, almost 5 miles and nearly 2,700 feet elevation gain. And for those traveling from Phoenix, they can add another 6,500 feet to that elevation. No wonder they were laboring up the hill.

The helipad next to the fire tower is quite an accomplishment. [photo by Quy]

The trip down was much quicker and less demanding, just had to watch for those rocks in the trail. Arriving at the trailhead, everyone celebrated another great hike for the Arizona Trailblazers. In all we traversed about 10 miles roundtrip and climbed about 2,700 feet in elevation, a good day by anyone’s measure.

We went on to Taverna in Flagstaff for a snack before the long drive back to the Valley.

I want to thank those that provided pictures, Quy and Michael H. and to Jim B. for tracking the hike and compiling the statistics. And Jim B. again, for helping coordinate the Phoenix end of the carpooling and his sage advice. And finally to all the hikers that participated on this hike!

It was a great hike and a good trip leading experience for me. It took me a little time to get the report together, but here it is. I hope that everyone enjoyed the hike as much as I did. Looking forward to our next hike together.

Supplemental Report
by Jim Buyens

Thanks, everyone, for participating in our Kendrick Peak hike, and especially to you, John, for leading it. I think the hike went very well and I sincerely hope you all had a great time.


Jim’s Hike Statistics
Total Distance:10.08miles
Starting Time:9:58AM
Moving Time:4:59hrs:min
Stopped Time:0:54hrs:min
Finishing Time:3:52PM
Avg. Speed Moving:2.0mph
Avg. Speed Overall:1.7mph
Starting Elevation:7,812ft
Minimum Elevation:7,739ft
Maximum Elevation:10,279ft
Total Ascent:2,540ft
Starting Temperature:73°
Finishing Temperature:80°
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